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Industry Spotlight Interview: Analog Founder Ian Hindmarsh Talks Merger With Magnum Bookings

Carl Cox, Henry Saiz, John Digweed, Eli & Fur, Guy J, Heidi and Yousef are among those on the roster.
Ian Hindmarsh

Ian Hindmarsh

There is a new super agency in town. Magnum and Analog are merging to create a large European and South American DJ talent agency that will take its rosters into new territories and potentially open up new opportunities for its large roster. Among those represented by Analog include Carl Cox, Henry Saiz, John Digweed, Eli & Fur, Guy J, Heidi, Yousef and many more. They also represent many more artists exclusively in South America. Magnum is a large booker for Spain, so this brings another territory under the Analog umbrella. We chatted with Analog founder Ian Hindmarsh to talk about the merger, where the idea came from and if Brexit will have any impact on their business. Head to their website here.

How did the merger come together? Who proposed the idea?

Alex Montoya (owner of Magnum) and I have been working together closely for many years now and I have always had a lot of respect for his way of handling himself as a person and the business. I approached Alex about us working together early October, two or three days later he took a flight from Spain to Uruguay and it took us about 5 minutes to agree on everything.

What is the biggest challenge when going into a new market?

I think the biggest challenge is getting the infrastructure right and building the database to connect with the best promoters and contacts. Given Alex has spent years building his business in Spain, the transition could not have been better.

How will the merger impact your current agents?

The merger will be of huge benefit to the agents as well as the DJs. The Spanish office will be sourcing shows and providing a filter to make sure we are dealing with the best promoters and getting the right shows for our DJs. This will free up time for the agents to focus on other territories and also be in a position to expand their roster.

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How will Brexit impact how you do business in the UK & Europe, especially with so many British DJs on your roster?

Business as usual.

What are your expansion plans as a result of the merger?

Our initial plans are to get the infrastructure solidified then expand the roster by taking on new DJs exclusively for Spain. We also have plans to open an office in Italy following the same blueprint as Spain and South America. South America has been running for over 5 years now and is going from strength to strength.

Many artists look at the EU as its own territory, but you represent artists to book in Spain as part of your company. How is each country different?

I agree Europe is its own territory when looking from the outside, but within this territory there are different cultures, languages and ways of working. Handling bookings in Germany is completely different to working in Spain or England for that matter. If you have people on the ground who speak the language and understand the mentality it is a massive advantage.

Can you explain what InSound is?

Insound is a Music Academy I launched in Buenos Aires with Jimmy Van M in September 2016. It specializes in music production, career management, DJing, synthesis, mixing, mastering, development and design. It is a way of sending the elevator back down essentially for anyone interested in a career in the music industry.

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