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[Interview + Playlist] Bedouin On Debuting Their Ibiza SAGA series In Brooklyn This Saturday

Coming off a successful season at Heart Nightclub Ibiza this past summer, Bedouin talk about bringing their series to Brooklyn this weekend and share a playlist of their favorite tunes!

Coming hot off of their first tour "down undah", Bedouin have made a big impact in the music scene from their unforgettable Robot Heart sunrise set at Burning Man to the successful run of their first Ibiza summer series, SAGA at Heart Ibiza. The NY-based duo, Tamer Malki and Rami Abou-Sabe, are back for a huge homecoming with the debut of their SAGA series at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn this Saturday. SAGA is teaming up with Cityfox event producers with promises of a visual and auditory experience, we are anticipating a great show! 


Magnetic Mag had a moment to chat with Bedouin about their upcoming show, as well as get the scoop on their favorite tracks of the moment:

Magnetic Mag: In what ways do you prepare for each show? Do you have a particular routine?

Bedouin: We are continuously creating our own original material as well as exclusive remixes and edits, so we always center our show around these tracks. We are also always continuously searching for new music that fits the vibe of the stuff we are creating. All together this becomes our library of songs we have to select from during the show. From there we can really feel the energy of the room so we are ready to cater to any moment.

MM: I heard SAGA started in Ibiza earlier this May and happens at Heart Nightclub on Sundays. How did that come together?

B: In 2016 we had two separate residencies in Ibiza. One was at Beachouse and the other was at Cova Santa. We were approached by HEART not too long after last summer about a SAGA residency at HEART. It took a lot of planning from November 2016 until the lead up to this past summer, but the reward was well worth it. It really surpassed anything we could have imagined. The vibe, the atmosphere and the caliber of DJs that played our party were really incredible. The response from both our industry peers and our fans has been truly amazing and overwhelming.

MM: It sounded like a huge success, what was your experience starting your own Ibiza party (in partnership with HEART, of course)?

B: It was a lot of work but so worth it in the end. Starting your own party isn’t easy, there’s a lot of planning and moving parts involved. That moment though when you look around and see people really enjoying what you and your team have put together, well, it’s a pretty special and amazing feeling. We are both super grateful to HEART for providing us with the platform and the opportunity to really take SAGA to the next level in Ibiza and now beyond to places like New York.

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MM: How do you plan on debuting Saga in Brooklyn this weekend? Will you be re-creating the same experience you gave in Ibiza all Summer? 

B: The objective is to recreate the same vibe and atmosphere with all of the amazing music, lighting, sound, and theatrics as our Ibiza SAGA series, but of course slightly modified as it’s a completely different city. Our Brooklyn show will be on a much larger scale with bigger production thanks to our friends at Cityfox who we’ve partnered with for Saturday. They are absolute masters when it comes to things like sound, lighting, and décor. What we created in Ibiza was also quite surreal as we had a lot of roaming performers interacting with guests on the dance floor and throughout the party, essentially telling a story that went beyond the music. We’ll definitely be incorporating a lot of interactive performances this weekend. As it’s our first time taking the party outside of Ibiza, we want to make this really special so we’ll be going all out!

MM: Why did you choose Brooklyn for the first SAGA party outside of Ibiza?

B: We chose Brooklyn because that’s where we live, it’s our hometown. We wanted to bring it here first where everything all started for us.

MM: Why did you choose LUM and Zigan Aldi to play with you both in New York this weekend?

B: We chose LUM and Zigan Aldi because they both played SAGA in Ibiza and they are both very talented and forward-thinking producers and DJs. We couldn’t think of two better artists to host in New York for the first SAGA in North America. This will be Zigan Aldi’s debut NYC appearance and he also just put out an album recently. LUM’s dynamic DJ sets and capability to warm up a room and get people in the right groove makes him a great fit to play before us. We’re really excited to bring both of these guys to play in our hometown.

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