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Calling all bass gods from down under! Australian duo SLUMBERJACK, New Zealand bass wizard QUIX and renowned electronic producer Josh Pan recently released their single “Vision” on  Lowly Palace. The riotous single was first dropped by QUIX at Nocturnal Wonderland in September to an ecstatic crowd. “Vision” is a relentless infusion of wonky bass and stylized trap, which immediately assaults the eardrum with barrage of arpeggios and distorted vocals. The unique tonal journey of “Vision” seamlessly unites their gifts into a groundbreaking new track that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. With the momentum this song has been receiving, “Vision” is primed to continue its reign deep into the New Year. Read on to find out more about QUIX and SLUMBERJACK who are quickly proving themselves forces to be reckoned with.


SB: How did you guys first decide you wanted to collaborate?

Quix: I've always been a big fan of Slumberjack so it was no question when I found out they were in LA and they wanted to work!

Slumberjack: We’ve wanted to work with both Quix and josh pan for a while now but the timing has never quite been right. All of us just happened to move to LA around the same time so we kind of invited ourselves over to Quix’s house to write music. Josh came in for the second session and brought everything together with that sick vocal line.

SB: What inspires you to produce the music that you're making?

Q: Seeing friends of mine make really awesome music makes me want to work harder. Influences from bigger artists that are shaping and creating new sounds also are there.

S: The desire to be different keeps us constantly on the lookout for interesting inspirations. I think that it’s the musicians around us that keep us inspired to write new interesting music. Our friends will show us the new stuff they’ve been writing and it gets us amped to jump in the studio and write more of our own stuff.

SB: What has it been like working with Lowly Palace?

Q: Due to the collab having lots of parties involved I wasn't involved that much with the label, however, I'm glad we could release it so soon after finishing the track!

S: Those guys have really looked after us for this project. We’re huge fans of the vibe they’ve been building and I think this track sits perfectly at home with them.


SB: Looking back, what were your best moments in 2017?

Q: The fact I got to leave New Zealand for 6 months and live in America and follow my dreams of being on tour!

S: Gotta say that doing our first ever live tour around Australia and selling it out was a really eye-opening experience. We were really proud of that. It’s what we’ve wanted to do since we started the project but we’ve had to wait until now because we knew that before, we weren’t ready to pull off a show of the caliber we wanted. We spent the first 4-5 months of this year putting the entire show together from the ground up, creating all the visual content and obviously the musical content too. It was a really steep learning curve but the pay off was incredible.

SB: What were your top ten favorite tracks of 2017?

Q: Geez there are so many! But I can give you my top 3 that I was so happy that got released.

1. Boombox Cartel – “Jefe” (Rickyxsan Remix) 

2. Kendrick Lamar – “Humble” (Skrillex Remix) 

3. Run – “Awolnation” (What So Not & QUIX Remix)

S: 1. Kimbra – “Top of The World”

This song was co-produced by Skrillex, so naturally, we are fans. Kimbra killed the hook and Skrillex’s drum work is so prominent in the record. It’s very different when compared to the current sonic climate of what is ‘popular’ but this really gets us bopping our heads.

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2. Hayden James – “NUMB” Feat. GRAACE

Hayden never ceases to create such an emotion in the listeners. The way Hayden processes the vocals is also such a signature, we fell in love on first listen.

3. Bishop Briggs – “Dream”

We saw Bishop Briggs at Splendour in The Grass earlier this year and from then on we were devoted followers. Powerful vocals paired with a production with a conviction.

4. What So Not – “Be Ok Again” feat. Daniel Johns

We were so glad that this came out, we had the privilege to listen to Emoh’s upcoming album during the past few months and we were just constantly in awe and envy going through his discography-to-be. His album WILL blow minds.

5. Virtual Self – “a.i.ngel (Become God)”

When it comes to production wizardry and musical innovation, no one can pull it off as bravely as Porter Robinson. He has a way of telling stories through noises and glitches that one would never thought possible. He could even tell a sad somber story through a record that does not sound close to said emotion. That to us is the hallmark of good storytelling through music.


SB: What are you obsessed with right now?

Q: Ummm writing dope music.

S: We are currently obsessed with the unreleased records we have with us at the moment. It’s such an eclectic collection we can't wait to put it out and see what people think of them. We are so excited to keep pushing what is possible with this project and not just be bubbled only to the ‘dance’ genre. Another thing we are obsessed with right now is constantly developing our live show, we are so proud of it we just want to take it around the world with us and play it for everyone.

SB: What are you planning for 2018 and beyond?

Q: Lots more touring! We hopefully want to hit Europe this year and more of Asia. Lots more original music on the way too!

S: 2018 for SLUMBERJACK is going to be about expanding our musical horizons and focusing on the development of our musical tastes outside of the type of music we’ve been used to writing. I think it’s important to take inspiration from all types of music and lately we’ve gone a bit down the hole of electronic dance music, which we obviously love; but it’s important to remember that there is a whole world of music out there and there is great inspiration to be found in other genres as well.


SB: Do you have any advice for music producers just starting out?

Q: Start getting involved with your local scene (no matter how small or big it is) and work your way up from there. Having good connections is the best asset you can have.

S: Of course! Personally, I see a lot of younger producers either go in too hard or not hard enough. I’d say it’s a bit unrealistic to try to release an entire album as your first project as up and coming artists – but on the flip side, I see way too many awesome producers never release music because they never feel like it’s ready. My advice would be, don’t put so much pressure on your first few releases, it doesn’t have to be your life’s defining work and realistically they won't be heard by that many people, so just get it out there and move on to the next track! The more you put out the better you get.

SB: Is there anything that you'd like your fans to know?

Q: I'm about to start my STORM tour and you should definitely go buy some tickets to the show in your area! <3

S: The future is now. 

Listen to "Vision" here

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