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We Talked To Techno DJ Remute Who Is Putting Out Music On Floppy Disks

I guess stranger things have happened?

Everyone wants an edge. They are looking for a way to stand out and be unique. With so many people making the same music, marketing the same way, looking the same, you have to go to extremes sometimes to stand out. That is what Serbian techno DJ Remute is doing. He is switching over to floppy disk -- yes floppy disk -- and in doing so wants to create a revolution.

We caught up with the DJ to see why exactly he would go to floppy disk when that technology was all but obsolete. According to him, it is a good format to hear music on (he plans on playing it out) and actually compares well to other formats. Listen to the mix below that is all ripped from floppy disks to judge for yourself and pick up a copy here.

1. Why did you decide to release something on a floppy disk?

Since ages I am using tracker-music programs like Protracker for the ancient home computer Commodore Amiga.

These programs save the music into a format called ‘.mod’. It’s a very economical file-format that can compress Techno-tracks down to the file size of a word-document. But of course the samples and the music do sound quite raw and gritty in the end – just the way techno has to be in my opinion! So I decided to work with these size-limitations and build an album around it.

2. How does a floppy disk compare to other formats like vinyl or cassettes?

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It’s a very handy little digital format fitting into your wallet! You can store around 5-6 tracks onto a 3,5” – so speaking of space it’s a bit comparable to a 7” or even 12”.

It is not that ‘touchy’ as vinyl of course, but I love the typical floppy-*click*-sound when the drive reads the data.

3. Are their practical uses for this in the live setting?

I am using floppy disks for my recent DJ-sets almost exclusively and on my 2018-tour I am going to prove big time that floppy rocks! There are applications, which let you DJ with .mod-files and transform your ancient home computers into Technics 1210-clones and it’s pretty fun! For me floppy is the new vinyl.

4. How do you rip the audio from floppy disks to digital?

That is pretty easy, because the floppy disk is actually a digital format itself: You can easily render .mod-files into MP3 or WAV with freeware programs. But the real deal is to listen to the tunes on an old home computer you just found at a garage-sale. : )

5. How big would you expect a market for music on floppy disks to become?

I don’t think it is pretty big right now as most people don’t even have floppy disk drives. But I will continue putting out some new tunes exclusively on 3,5” and then you will be forced to pick a drive for 5$ from ebay. So I think the floppy disk market will grow and hopefully even more artists try to put out their tunes on 3,5”! Because limitations are fun and creativity flows... 

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