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Listen - Point Blank December Guest Mix - Sebhaus

An all out multi-genre assault across the spectrum of breaks, electro, house and everything in between.
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Point BlAnk x Magnetic Present (3)

Magnetic and Point Blank are closing out the year with one hell of a mix from our guest DJ Sebhaus. An all out multi-genre assault across the spectrum of breaks, electro, house and everything in between. Sebhaus delivers a eerie, sometimes etherial and cinematic menagerie of tracks that will stir every part of you and keep you coming back for repeat listens. Put the headphones on, find a quiet corner and soak it in. 

Sebhaus Bio

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What has eventually become a lifelong obsession with music started as a 6 year old, armed with a push cassette player and a Boombox. Growing up in a bilingual house with a French mum and English dad meant that an eclectic selection of music was just a fact of life, whether at home or on long road trips in the family car, music would often switch from The Police to Claude Francois, The Rolling Stone to Stephan Eicher, and eventually would include the likes of Prodigy and Faithless. This wide range of music clearly left its mark, and is something that he proudly carries with him to this day. This, coupled with a childhood spent living in France, England and Chicago meant exposure to new and exciting sounds always went hand in hand with every move.

22 years on from making those first mix tapes, Sebhaus began studying for a Radio Broadcasting diploma. Within three months of being on the course, he had been put forward by his tutors and the college for a role that would eventually see him work as a music assistant for a prominent DJ on BBC Radio 1 – a role he still proudly holds to this day. From there, he went on to produce shows for ‘Metalheadz’ resident and co-founder of the bi-weekly drum and bass night ‘Soul in Motion’ - DJ Bailey; as well as for the founder of the techno label and events company ‘Neighbourhood’ founder - Tasha.

Mixing came more out of curiosity than anything for Sebhaus, as an attempt to better understand the mindset of presenters and guests on the radio shows he works on. Add to this the fact that he has been fortunate enough to watch some of the world’s leading DJs do what they do best from close quarters, it was inevitable that with a bit of dedication improvements came quickly. Inevitably, the music used is eclectic in range – anything goes! And the more it blurs the boundaries of genres, the better. Drum and bass, electro, acid, house, breaks, half-time...the only criteria is: Is this something I would dance to?

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