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Magnetic Presents: Francesca Lombardo & Kane Michael + Who To Watch In 2018

Ahead of our Halcyon takeover, Francesca Lombardo gives us the inside scoop on who's to watch in 2018
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We are kicking of 2018 with a bang, and returning to the Bay Area for our third installment of our Magnetic takeover of Halcyon SF. This time, we are bringing the mighty Francesca Lombardo, as well as our very own Kane Michael. Ahead of our next takeover, we asked Francesca who she's got her eye on for the new year. Below, the tastemaker has given us 5 artists that are not to be missed. 


Suso Flores

Suso is one of a kind, his music is equally unique. He once made an album for children created out of completely DIY electronic equipment. His sound is crazy but always uses beautiful melodies. He builds a lot of his own gear, meaning his live show is unlike anything else. I was very happy to release his mini album “2ality” on Echolette, it's very beautiful.


Their music combines beautiful frequencies with dense electronics and rich ambiences, which gives a feeling of different styles that are revised and put back together. I came across their stuff as I worked with one of the band members. They play live using incredible synths, violin and drum machines. I would for sure like to play with them or do a project together.


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INTO YOU used to go out under the name of KENDE. His music is trippy and sophisticated and really makes your hair stand on end. When I listen to his dancefloor tracks I travel far, far away and when I listen to his slower stuff I really start to introspect and lose myself. He has released on my label Echoe before and will be returning next year for a couple more EPs that are already sounding very strong.

Tom Adams

I met Tom through a synth sale group on Facebook when I was about to buy an effect he was selling. We started chatting more, he sent me his new album and I fell in love with his music straight away. We’ve been friends ever since, he’s even just remixed the first single from my album. His voice is sublime and has sound that really is something special. His first LP just came out and I can’t get enough of it.


Jade is on fire at the moment, particularly after her release on Mobilee, which pushed her through the roof with her schedule getting more and more busy. Besides being a very nice person, she has the sound. Her music is full of rolling percussions with clever bass and melodies. I think to date I have played every one of her tracks. 

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