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Massive Attack's 3D Alleges Pete Tong Covered 'Unfinished Sympathy’ Without Their Permission For Ibiza Classics Compilation

But Robert Del Naja offers a good solution to the problem.
massive attack press photo 2015

massive attack press photo 2015

Pete Tong is under fire for his Ibiza Classics compilation and show. Mattive Attack’s 3D has called out Pete Tong for allegedly using their song “Unfinished Sympathy” without the group’s permission for his Ibiza Classics compilation.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Robert Del Naja aka 3D thanked Tong for covering the song, but called the whole affair a “nostalgia nightmare roadshow.”

He goes on to explain that when the duo play "Unfinished Sympathy," they display photos of displaced people in refugee camps to try and raise awareness and money for the UNHCR.

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“When we play that song we display photos of displaced people in refugee camps by the photographer Giles Duley on the screen to raise awareness for their plight and collect money for UNHCR. If you do mean to carry on coining it, why don’t you divide your nightly profit by the number of songs you murder in your set, and hand the total of that one song over to UNHCR,” writes Del Naja.

"It would be the least you could do.”

This whole thing could be a misunderstanding and breakdown in communication. It could have been approved at a different level of the business chain and 3D never got word. However, if Pete Tong did cover the song without Massive Attack’s permission then that is serious. Given Tong’s reputation, it doesn’t seem like he would maliciously steal other people’s music, however we will see how this is resolved. 

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