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Max Cooper Releases Trippy 'Veil Of Time' Video

The single was taken from his recent EP World Passing By.
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Max Cooper has revealed the trippy video for his single “Veil of Time” taken from his recent EP World Passing By. The video stretches time and various objects as the visuals clip back and forth between a whole host of different places with images of distorted people places throughout.

"I wanted to represent how limited our mortal timeline is, how precious and important the moments we share truly are, and convey an intertwined timespan relative to the world that surrounds us,” remarks Max Cooper.

The 'love story' unveiled itself almost unknowingly while I aimed at these aspects of time,” explains director Kevin McGlaughlin. “My initial endeavor for the film was to capture human movement and explore ways to interpret time by displacing the motion, however the 'narrative' became more substantial than the techniques and as a consequence, I focused my efforts in that respect.”

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Watch the full video below.

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