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Mixcloud Shares 2017 Year-End Global, US State Listening Habits

Dive into the data with Mixcloud's year-end summary for 2017.
Mixcloud 2017 Global Listening Trends

With many of their competitors showing off their data, Mixcloud has released some of their 2017 year-end listening data as well. They have taken a global and a granular look at the United States markets, revealing listening patterns for their users around the world and in each of the 50 states.

Globally, Mixcloud listed 20 genres and where they were most popular. This wasn’t just deep house and techno. Indie Electro was the most popular in Spain, samba in Brazil (surprise, surprise), vocal jazz in Italy and G house in Vietnam.

Across the United States, each state had its own flavor. Montana is into deep house, Missouri wants all the EDM it can handle, California is super chill with Reggae, Utah is into psychedelic, Arkansas is into tribal house and South Carolina is getting wild to Industrial. Wyoming let’s talk about that electro swing habit you have.

Mixcloud 2017 United States Genres

They also listed the most popular stations, labels, profiles and more.

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