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Article by Rana Good

Few cities evoke more wonder and mystery than Venice, a coastal metropolis known for its music, history, and art. Violinist and event curator Adriana Molello traveled to the fantastic Italian destination earlier this year, and it inspired her to create an evening of performances stateside, in collaboration with Atlas Obscura and media partner Per La Mente.

“I wanted to explore the different cultures that make up Venice,” Molello told Per La Mente. So she curated an eclectic cast of dancers, musicians, singers, and artists to create Night Garden of Serenissima: A Venetian Fairy Tale at San Francisco’s Albion Castle.

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It was a marvelous night of dancing, drinks, and divine entertainment. Guests experienced a multi-level, multicultural event with classical music, belly dancers, a Guzheng performer, a Balkan band, and much more. An outdoor bar serving Fernet-Branca cocktails and mulled wine kept guests warm and their palates whetted. Attendees also enjoyed an aromatic feast, as chefs used an abundance of rosemary, basil, thyme, and other herbs to create delectable hors-d’oeuvres and pasta.

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Aside from its regal appearance, the castle features a freshwater aquifer and functioning cisterns — not unlike Venice, where water is an integral part of city infrastructure. The one-of-a-kind evening spanned a variety of cultures, musical genres, and improvised stages, blurring the lines between audience and performers. We’re sure this Venetian-inspired night will be on people’s minds for a long time to come.


To get a taste of Serenissima wherever you are, mix yourself up a delightful Fernet-Branca cocktail:

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3/4 oz. Fernet-Branca

3/4 oz. Carpano Antica Formula

3/4 oz. ginger liquor

1/2 oz. lime juice

2 oz. ginger beer

Build in a Collins glass and top off with ginger beer

Garnish with a mint sprig

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All photos by Clinton Perry

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