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The Elrow brand has made a name for itself globally with their theme parties and outrageous characters throughout the night. This did not change for their big Brooklyn debut (they've had one previous event at Flash Factory in Manhattan). Their Brooklyn event was Sambodromo do Brasil theme and hosted Justiano, Simon M, Marc Maya, Bastian Bux, Steve Lawler, Patrick Topping and Art Department

Elrow's popularity was evident by the show's selling out and a line around the block as early as 12AM for a 10PM start event. As someone who grew up in the New York/Brooklyn nightlife scene, everyone knows better than to show up to a sold out event between 1AM - 2AM, however, the line for Elrow was anywhere between 40 minutes  to 2 hours as people began arriving as early as 10PM due to all the hype. Many attendees were frustrated at both the long wait in the cold as well as some reports of the bouncers taking cash bribes from people attempting to skip the line, resulting in people bailing on even getting inside. Not a good look for anyone throwing a party within our sacred music community. 

That being said, Elrow was not the sole promoter for this event. They had outsourced logistics and operations to the infamous Cityfox promoters who have been known in the past to have some difficulties with logistics and smooth operations. It also does not help when your venue gets pulled on you two days before the show. The party was handed some poor luck that weekend and as foreign promoters, may not have a full understanding of the best ways to troubleshoot as such a large capacity (especially with not the best helping hands). Despite it all, I strongly believe that their next visit will be at the top of their game! 

Many of my friends have boasted of the incredible parties that Elrow throws in Europe and I myself have been a witness to a few. So for those who missed out on the party, I do believe missed out a pretty different event. Aside from House of Yes and many of the holiday-related events, decorated warehouse parties are not really a thing in Brooklyn, at least not at the level that Elrow takes it. Even though they had to change their venue, Elrow still made on its promise for the crazy characters and props. They had people walking around handing out costume hats, masks and all kinds of odd props for the attendees to participate in the shenanigans.

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As someone who was never publicly a fan of Art Department, even I had to agree with his pretty heavy bass rich set at Elrow. The music throughout the night was on point and I can't remember the last time that many people in one place went on the same "trip" together (wink-wink). The warehouse housed crazy psychedelic colors and jungle themed decorations. People on stilts and crazy performers ran around while everyone was pumping and jamming to an incredibly satisfying night out. When the party finally came to stop at about 7:30AM, there were still a good amount of people hanging on the very end. 

In the end, the party was great and though it was unfortunate some had to experience what they did, I do believe that it will not happen again the next time around. And as for the party, if you don't believe me that it was wild, take a look for yourself: 

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