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Premiere: Birocratic Mixes Big Beat Denver Compilation With Riveting, Kaleidoscopic Visual

Take a trip to the funky, electro soul sounds in Denver with this trippy video.
Big Beat Ignition Denver Biocratic

Atlantic Records’ dance label Big Beat Records is ready to unveil the latest edition of its Ignition series where it highlights a city around the world that is making a large impact on dance music. After spending three editions in Europe – Ibiza, Amsterdam and Paris, Big Beat is coming to the U.S. and heading to Denver with an 11-track compilation of songs that embody the innovative funky, electro soul sound emanating from the city. We are happy to premiere the full compilation mix, put together by one of the acts on it, Brooklyn’s Birocratic.

"I had way too much fun putting this mix together... which basically goes without saying. Denver's putting out some absolute slammers these days. Honored to be nestled among all these talented peeps,” says Biocratic.

The compilation digs deep into some rising acts for many of its selections, but it also has a few of the main names carrying the flag for the Denver sound like Break Science, Manic Focus and Bass Physics.

"It's awesome to be a part of this compilation - there’s so much incredible music coming out of the Denver scene. And being supported by Big Beat is huge opportunity for us,” Birocratic explains. “Props to all the producers out there, and people behind the scenes making it all happen.”

This isn’t just any mix. It also comes with a visual done by students at UC Denver Trevor Mckenna, Patrick Jorgenson, Brandon Keller, Benito Roland, Niko Sotolongo, with the help of their professor Eric Jewett. It is a riveting, kaleoscopic and trippy journey around the Mile High City that may make you feel like you are a mile high.

Watch the visual below and see the complete tracklist below. Pre-order the comp here.

1. Break Science – Lift Ourselves Above – *Denver

2. Tortuga – Bass Drop feat. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik *Tortuga is from Denver *Lif is from Boston

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3. Manic Focus – Potatoes and Steak - *Chicago

4. SLYNK – Baby Let’s Go *Brisbane Australia

5. Daily Bread – Moreland Ave Blues *Atlanta

6. Bass Physics – So I Know (feat. Forthebeach) *Denver

7. Birocratic – Easy Money *New York, NY

8. IHF – Eclipse *DC, USA

9. Wax Future – FNK JNΩ *Philadelpha

10. SLYNK – Don’t Flip (feat. Illvis Freshly) *Brisbane Australia

11. Late Night Radio – Right Time (feat. Kevin Donohue & Clark Smith) *Denver

Special Thanks to these UC Denver students & their Professor Eric Jewett : Trevor Mckenna, Patrick Jorgenson, Brandon Keller, Benito Roland, Niko Sotolongo

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