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I've been a big fan of D-Pulse's 2017 record Serpentine since its release, and when I caught wind that they've been gearing up for a remix EP of one of their standout tracks on the release "Get Lost" that would feature the work of legendary artists like Juan Maclean and Photay, I knew they were about to have an incredible release on their hands. Today they've proven that they do not disappoint, as the remixes bring new life to an already established fan favorite song. 

Bringing disco, funk, and more into each piece, the remixers managed to blend the original songs groove into something perfect for the dancefloor. While all of them killed it, my own particular favorite might just be Babak's funky version of "Get Lost." 

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On the EP, the boys mentioned: 

Juan Maclean did a great job by emphasizing and extending the sweetest part of the original and creating a whole new track around it..

We are very big fans of Photay, his talent in crafting and layering musical interesting structures and didn't expect him to deliver 120bpm dancefloor banger! Works every time we play it in dj sets. 

Babak is our homie and we knew that he can treat shuffle groove right.

As for Attic Chefs, this is alter ego of D-Pulse's Klim Sukhanov and Semyon Perevoshchikov, we decided to add darker colors to the release to balance it with a more straight uptempo vibe.

The remix EP is set to be released on 12/15 via Nick Murphy's imprint Details. 

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