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Stream: LA Riots -House Philosophy/Ladies Man [In/Rotation]

The former blog house icon is back with two sensual house heaters

Reinventing a sound that fused influences of techno, house and drum n’ bass, LA Riots have been fueling us with a bawdy blend of music since 2007. Following a creative break, they’re back with a new dual single release on IN / ROTATION, titled, “Ladies Man / House Philosophy.” The double-track feature is reminiscent of their timeless yet catchy style, packed with thick bass lines, edgy rhythms and bouncy hi-hats. The duo is ready to carry on their unground roots straight to the top with these infectious hits out on IN / ROATION, here. 

lariots_philosophy_r01 (1)

“We're excited about this new Insomniac release. We took a bit of a break this past year, and found inspiration in the post-EDM house sound coming out; the sound is very much in line with the music aesthetic we both came up in during the 90s. It’s fun to return to longer, drawn-out groove-based dance tracks that open up a lot of room for creative DJing, rather than simply playing one track after another.” – LA Riots

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Stream/buy the EP here.

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