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Leaf - Horns Dub [BDM003]

This entire release is quality with the deep, soulful, dubby sound that each track gives off. A personal favorite of mine is the DJ Madd remix of 'Horns Dub'. The original above is a perfect mixture of reggae and dub infused with a weighty drum loop and distant brass horns that wriggle in and out of the track. Huge riddim this one.


So for the readers that haven’t heard of the label, could you just tell us a little bit about who you are, when and how you started?

Badman Studios is a joint effort between 2 good friends, Jason Vianna, vinyl enthusiast and music aficionado, and Alex Sudderth aka Leaf, music producer and DJ. A bit over 5 years ago in 2012, we started exploring the deeper side of dubstep, mainly guided by FatKidOnFire, Bleep, and the Deep Dubstep section of Juno. Over the next few years from 2013 onwards, we began regularly going to Truth's Deep Dark & Dangerous nights out here in San Francisco, along with nights hosted by Ritual Dubstep, Parameter, Dub Mission and Bay Sine Recordings. We were really inspired by all the local and visiting artists, and eventually decided to establish our own label late last year, mainly as an outlet to release Alex's music and collaborate with all the great people that we've met over the years.

I’ve been slowly watching the label grow from the sidelines, it’s great to see the progression from your first release to this forthcoming 3rd release, do you find it hard juggling both your work life and running a label?

Safe to say that both of us think it can be challenging at times, but since it's something that we really enjoy, we're glad to spend time working on it, whether it's cranking out new beats on Ableton or brainstorming the next Facebook ad campaign. There's definitely enough time for everything if you plan ahead and allocate time appropriately. The hardest part is keeping up with an early morning schedule after a late night on a weekday, but it's always worth it for the bass therapy and good times on the dance floor, as well as the chance to network with artists and promoters.

I think the entire 003 release is superb, was there any particular thought process or theme behind the release?

We wanted to try our best to make a statement with our first vinyl release. We spent a lot of time thinking on who we could collaborate with to do that, and DJ Madd and Bukkha were inevitable choices, specially when it comes to the intersection of the original dub roots vibes with modern beats and as much low-end as possible. We knew we had made the right choice as soon as we received the masters from Beau (Ten Eight Seven Mastering). We were also very interested in checking out the quality of the vinyl produced by these new computerized and automated WarmTone vinyl pressing machines designed by Viryl Technologies, so we hunted down a pressing plant that had begun operating them and found Microforum based in Toronto. We are very pleased with how everything turned out!

Its very big that you’ve got DJ Madd on one of the remixes, how did that come about?

Peter Simon (DJ Madd) is one of the main artists that got us into dubstep. We are big fans of his, from his early works on Black Box and Boka Records, followed by releases on Killa Sound, Moonshine Recordings, Lion Charge Records, ZamZam Sounds, Dubs Alive as well as his own labels Roots & Future and 1Drop. We first met Peter in-person back in 2013 at a Deep Dark & Dangerous night where he was one of the headliners along with Truth and Subliminal. It was a great set, nothing short of what we expected. We caught his live sets two more times in the following years, with an especially notable show at a Pon Di Boat! party hosted by Mass in 2015, the closest thing to an Outlook Boat Party for someone that hasn't gone to Outlook yet. When we decided on the release, we reached out to Peter and sent him a both Horns Dub and Hive Dub and asked him which one he wanted to remix. We were very excited when we heard back from him and we quickly reached an agreement. It still feels a bit surreal that we have a DJ Madd Remix on our release.

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What does the future hold for Badman Studios? Anything special in the pipeline?

We have multiple projects slated for next year already. We're not in a rush since we're both strong believers in quality vs. quantity. Our goal is to release vinyl when possible but we'll always make our releases available on all major online stores and streaming services, and hopefully we'll add some new artists to our roster over our next few releases. Plug: Please send submissions to!

Lastly would you be interested in recording a Strictly 140 Guest Mix for us?

We certainly would! Here's a 1-hour mix by Leaf, hopefully everyone enjoys his sound selections!

Big ups for recording one! 

Below is LEAF's Guest Mix for Strictly 140. Its packed full of dubs so have a listen :

Contact details for everyone involved in the release are as follows - 








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