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Studio Tour: Traffic Report Show Us Their Analog Haven

The house producers give us the inside scoop on how they made their latest album
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House music - the backbone of all electronic music. The origin of which all else came. Well, minus disco, but you get the point. House music is about soul and groove, dancing and leaving your ego at the door. None of this is new information, but nevertheless, it highlights what makes house music great. How does one create such a genre? What tools are needed to bring that warmth and sensuality to the dance floor? That depends on who you ask, but if you were to ask Traffic Report, they'd tell you it's a mixture of analog gear. Their latest album Traffic Jams is more than just a play on words. It's everything house music embodies, creating a perfect mix of classic sounds and modern production. In the Pictures below, we get a first-hand look at the gear they used to create this synergy, as well as how they used it.

Traffic Report hard at work.

Traffic Report hard at work.

Roland TR 8, Yamaha Rm1x, Elektron Octatrack

The rhythms of „Traffic Jams“ are made with the Roland Tr8, Yamaha Rm1x and Octatrack, recorded through the cinnamon filter from bastl, an overdrive from Dreadbox, and the Mscl compressor from WMD.

Besides being the mothership of our live set, the Octatrack is also all over the album, its sequencing and sound sculpting abilities make it a great tool.



All the bass lines on the album are recorded with two machines. The Bass Station 2 is a versatile synth, super easy and fun to program. It really shines when you run it through some outboard gear.

The Ms20 is a classic, and is on most of the tracks, as either a Bass line or lead. A real workhorse in the studio



The Juno 1 was our string and pad machine, it’s a pain to program it but it really sounds good, if you have the patience to menu dive.

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The TT303 sequenced by the Octatrack is a really fun and intuitive way of making acid. It’s a pretty good clone of the classic from Roland, and it’s always with us when we play live



Mutable Instruments Streams

Bastl Cinnamon

Dreadbox Drive

WMD Mscl

Audio Damage


While this might seem like a fairly simple setup, one must remember that it's not what you have, it's how you use it. Now that you've seen the gear, it's time to hear it in action. Check the album stream below, and prepare to jack your body.

Traffic Report - Traffic Jams is out now via Redlight Music.

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