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The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) Launches Helpline For Sexual Harassment Support

The conversation is 100% confidential between the caller and the counselor.
Association For Electronic Music

The Association for Electronic Music (AEFM) has launched a confidential helpline for sexual harassment support. The global trade body, which represents labels, managers, promoters, publishers, clubs and others in electronic music like Live Nation, CAA, Three Six Zero, Red Light Management and Defected, has teamed up with Health Assured on this initiative. Individuals can call the line 24/7 and get guidance and assistance from a trained professional on the other line.

The conversation is 100% confidential between the caller and the counselor.

"This behaviour has become normalised over the years and needs to be called out at every opportunity. No form of sexual harassment or abuse is ever OK. We need to be vocal and stand as one - both women and men, to send the message this is not acceptable,” says Anja Schneider. “And also very importantly ensure the guilty perpetrators are held responsible for their actions. The time to stand up is now.”

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The number to call in the UK is 0800 030 5182 and outside the UK is +44 800 030 5182.

With various exposés, open letters and reports being done on shitty powerful figures in the music industry, a step like this is welcome to provide some help to those dealing with sexual harassment and feel like they have nowhere to turn. 

“Without exception, every woman I know has either been the victim of sexual harassment or supported their closest friend through the aftermath. The most difficult thing to do is speak up and report it,” says B Traits. “If you are someone who has suffered from sexual harassment, I encourage you to call this safe and confidential helpline so that you can begin to heal and those who assault and harass can face the consequences of their actions.”

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