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The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Gramatik, Talib Kweli Among 150 Artists, Actors To Sign Open Letter In Support Of Net Neutrality

Fight back to keep Net Neutrality.
The Glitch Mob (photo by Ralph Arvesen)

The Glitch Mob (photo by Ralph Arvesen)

The FCC is set to rule on Net Neutraility in a vote on December 14th. Newly installed commissioner Ajit Pai has been steadfast in his claims that Net Neutrality is hurting the economy, stifling innovation and is heavy-handed government intervention. Unless something drastic happens in the next week, he, with the two other republican commissioners, plan on repealing Net Neutrality. Over 150 artists, musicians and actors have signed an open letter expressing support for Net Neutrality, with some of those signing it including Bassnectar, Gramatik, Talib Kweli and The Glitch Mob.

“If the FCC votes to gut these protections it will explicitly allow Internet providers to charge extra fees that amount to a tax on the entire creative economy,” the letter reads. “A few corporations will have control over what you see and hear, while independent and up-and-coming artists’ ability to make a living will be devastated. Without net neutrality there will be less awesome art. Period.”

When it became apparent that Net Neutrality was under serious threat and a vote was coming up, many artists originally expressed their support for it. It is a fight for the free and open internet, not controlled by a few corporations who will throttle and divide services into price bundles customers in the name of the free market. It helps guarantee that a few internet service providers can’t decide what is seen online or stop services they deem as competition or a threat to their company, such as a threatening article or new innovative company.

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See the full letter and all the signees who come from all across entertainment here. A spate of protests will take place tomorrow, December 7th as well. Find out more info here

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