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The Incredible New Plugin That Helps Inspire Your Compositions - Meet Mixed In Key's Captain Chords

The new Captain Chords VSTS help bring structure and creativity to your tunes
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Mixed In Key [MIK] has been innovating from day one, whether it was helping you discover what key your tracks were in for harmonic mixing to incredibly simple yet powerful DJing software, these guys are always pushing the envelope.

Most recently they have been working on further developing the onboard engine of ODESI to function as a stand along plugin to work directly with your DAW. For those of you not familiar with ODESI this is one of our favorite programs from MIK for the simple fact that they created software that we we didn't really know we needed until we played around with it. ODESI is a powerful musical sketch pad that allows you to noodle with ideas in a simplified manner, just like an artist might play with a pad and paper before picking up the brushes. 

Finding the right arrangements of chords, melody, bass line and drums is greatly simplified leaving room to really get creative in what is essentially a very stripped down DAW. Now the inspirational sketch pad of ODESI has been distilled down into the Captain Plugins VSTs for a more seamless experience. 

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Mixed In Key | Captain Chords Website 

Mixed In Key has introduced new music composition software that helps you write your own music. You can write your own chord progressions using the Captain Chords plugin.

Good news is that there is an early bird special right now. Anyone who gets a Captain Chords license will receive Captain Deep, Captain Melody and Captain Hook at no charge when they are released. More on the Captain Plugins can be found on the MIK website.

The software is available for Mac now, and it's coming to Windows in 2018

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