The Influence Of The Golden State On Modern Rock Music

The California rock scene continues to have an impact on popular culture to this day.
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California has always had a unique influence on the popular music scene and this is particularly true of the Rock music genre. The Golden State has produced a number of iconic bands over the years including but not limited to, Guns N Roses, Metallica and The Eagles and these acts continue to influence the new breed of Rock bands currently plying their trade in the modern era.

In the current musical climate where acts are seemingly disbanding at will, it's even more impressive that some of these bands are still going strong to this very day and continue to produce new music which is virtually indistinguishable from their old material despite some of the members advancing years.

Vocalist and founder of Alter Bridge Myles Kennedy has never shied away discussing the influence that Guns N Roses have had on both him and his band. Kennedy has talked at length about his love for their 1987 breakthrough album Appetite For Destruction and has also worked with legendary Guns N Roses guitarist Slash on many occasions, which culminated in Kennedy joining Slash's solo project, renamed Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

With Slash returning to Guns N Roses last year, his solo project with Kennedy is on hold for now but Alter Bridge and Kennedy continue to rip up the modern rock scene, releasing their latest album The Last Hero at the back end of last year to critical acclaim.

American heavy metal rockers Trivium count many bands amongst their influences but none more so than Metallica. Frontman Matt Heafy's voice has often been compared to the rasping vocals of James Hetfield and if you close your eyes on some of Trivium's older tracks, it almost feels like you're listening to a Hetfield side project from the 1980s. Trivium have covered Metallica's iconic song Master of Puppets, which was extremely well received on the whole and although eclipsing the original is often a tough task, the Florida natives have done a commendable job of adding their own spin to the track whilst staying true to the original.

The California rock scene continues to have an impact on popular culture to this day. Metallica have made appearances in both The Simpsons and South Park and whether it's being rescued by Hans Moleman or joining Cartman and his cronies in protesting illegal music downloading, the fact that they've been invited on shows of this stature fairly recently is proof positive of their long-lasting legacy. Guns N Roses Slash has also had a South Park episode centred entirely around his character and has featured in numerous video games, including the popular Guitar Hero franchise and a GnR slot game, where you can pick your favourite band member to play as whilst you listen to the band's greatest songs via the customizable in-game playlist.

Many rock music aficionados argue that the golden age of the genre took place within the 70's and the 80's and so it will come as no surprise that many of the current successful rock bands are influenced by acts from this period. However, that's not to say that the rock genre, in general, is past its sell-by date and there are a number of modern bands from California such as Avenged Sevenfold who continue to push musical boundaries and will undoubtedly be cited as influences themselves in the upcoming years.

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