The Inspirational Power Of Hip Hop

Come together, inspire and chill
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When it comes to music, you’ll be very hard-pressed to find anyone alive who doesn’t enjoy music in some way or form. There’s always a genre out there that speaks to us, and the world would be a much duller place if music wasn’t there to give it some color. The history of music is rich and proud, with so many stand-out genres that it’s almost impossible to list them all. There are some genres however that have a habit of bringing people together more so than others - with one of the best examples being hip-hop.

The inclusivity.

When you think about the nineties, it would definitely be understandable for hip-hop to be around the top of the list of things that first pop into your mind. It’s something that has defined a culture, and it has fostered so many different artists who have all been touched by this particularly special genre. While some might consider rap to be a completely different genre, it tends to fall under hip-hop’s umbrella, because of the similar message and lifestyles of its artists.

Inspiring Stories.

One of the many reasons why hip-hop brings so many people together is the now legendary lives of its artists. You have Tupac Shakur, who strived to make the world a better place in his own way, through the message of his songs. Unfortunately, his lifestyle came with consequences which resulted in his unfortunate passing. You have people who came from nothing, working hard and getting to the top of the world with nothing but their message.

The comfort and style of aspirational cribs with touches we can all related to.

In their journey from rags to riches, you can bet that they aren’t the only ones who benefit. Hip-hop artists are some of the most generous, often having their own crew who are pulled out of a life of poverty alongside the artist responsible for the music. Industries such as home design are given a boost in popularity thanks to the way these artists support and promote down-to-earth projects. For example, artists such as Vanilla Ice have expressed a passion for home renovation with an actual series, and even artists such as 50 Cent have shown a savvy for home improvement that people can take note of. When it comes to understanding just where you can get cheap composite doors because of how useful they are for the everyday home, hip-hop artists are surprisingly in the know and aren’t afraid to show it.

Hip-hop is able to touch the world, and bring people together because at its core, it’s all about giving. People who grew up in poverty know what it’s like to not have enough to eat, or to worry about what tomorrow will bring. Most hip-hop artists come from this unfortunate lifestyle, which is why their message is not only inspiring, but they’re famous for their generosity.

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