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The street has continued to be a theatre for fashionistas willing to be noticed and photographed. For some individuals, self-branding through social media has continued to be the business model or a dream come true. There are a few purists that absolutely have that innate sense of style and strive to express themselves through fashion. What seems obvious is that overall the real fashion is still on the city streets.

Through spring/summer, as well as during fashion week, I witnessed another season of "everything is in" – printed clothing mixed with vintage, bright colors, layering in excess, as well as minimal matching ensembles seem to pop up over and over again. In the print category, iconic luxury brand Gucci seemed to dominate the summer- if not emulating Gucci. (What I would call "Poor man Gucci"). OFF-WHITE designer yellow belts and accessories seem to pop up everywhere, as fads quickly happen and spread throughout New York City.

The winter chill is suddenly upon us the oversized, sometimes 80's inspired, coat is evident. There is no question that sparkle and sequins will shine for fall used in all clothing and accessories. I am looking forward to capturing every moment. | @streetspectacle

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