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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Festivus for the Rest of Us and all that seasons greetings jibber jabber. 

On the November 2017 edition of the Top Chill Dance Tracks, we got the kinetic kindling to keep your dancefloor fireplace burning and tapping toes nice and warm. Kicking things off is an Anjunadeep track from Luttrell that will make you see heaven on earth followed by new voices and beats from seasoned and upcoming producers and artists that you'll fall in love with. And DARIUS IS BACK. Hallelujah! 

As always, the point of this chart is to showcase and curate a mix of artists and tracks that you haven't had the pleasure of hearing yet. We are here to educate and excite you listeners. We love any recommendations so please message us if you have an artist we should check out. Happy Holidays y'all! 

Art by Brittany Lewis. Check out her Instagram page


"Contact" Luttrell

The San Francisco, CA native is on tour with the Anjunadeep crew and will be setting sail on the epic Holy Ship crew in January. Ethereal is the best word for this track that glows out of the speakers. 

"Start Over Again" jackLNDN

His music has a soul and his sound is becoming more and more highly polished with each new track. This is off jackLNDN's new two track EP that features the Londoner on both vocals and the decks. Love me a good vocoder track. 

"Move You" Night Tales

This debut from the Aus duo will move and groove you.

"Mountains" Darius

As I mentioned before, DARIUS IS BACK. His track 'Hot Hands' has been a go to for years and this track captures all the feelings of his past work. Check out his new album wherever you listen to music.

"Heartbeat" Plan B

While some may not consider this "electronic" I just wanted to feature this incredible voice from Plan B. Just wow. Can someone feature him please?

"Atlas" Lane 8

His new album can't come sooner. We are a mere month away. Praise be.

"Hear This" Jarami

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Does anyone else hear hints of Justice and Daft? I do and I dig it..

"Problems" Petit Biscuit (feat. Lido)

I have watched Petit Biscuit grow from a fledgling to a full on soaring falcon. The new album is incendiary and this track featuring Lido is A+.

"Love Stream" Mat.Joe

Hadn't heard this German duo until this month and had to share. Just WOW.

"Mirage" Satin Jackets

These guys are having quite the year. Hit after hit. Look out world.

"Out of the Dark" Kill Paris

A pivot from his regular sound. Appreciated and loved.

"Sorceress" Jordan Rakei

This will definitely put a hex on you that makes you groove slow for eternity. On repeat the last week.

"Transform (Kells Remix)" Amani

One of my favorite songs of the year. It was love at first listen.

"High With Me" Kende

When this track from Tipsy Tortoise hits, it blindsides you like a freight train headed off in the sunset. I love it.

"Acid Rain" Lxury

Close things out with a bangaranger. Lxury is a name to look out for.

May you blessed with bed pizza relaxation this Holiday Season. Peace out!

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