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Last year we discovered TIME Slippers, and it's been smooth sailing for our feet ever since. At first, you might be a little confused due to the name slipper, which usually refers to some heinous fuzzy birth control for your feet meant solely for indoor days away from the general public. 

TIME has flipped the definition of the slipper on its fuzzy head and given us a hybrid of a dope sneaker with the comfort of your house slips currently residing under your bead. Calling these slippers is kind of like calling a Ferrari a car, it's just not doing them justice, but they are making a point and definitely got our attention.

The slippers can be worn both indoors and outdoors, although these are not sneakers they can handle basic wear to the airport, grocery store, and other necessary daily activities. We love them for traveling and lounging around the hood, house, bar, and other places of leisure. 

Check out some of the great styles below, and hurry your ass over to their site for a nice Black Friday discount.  

Shop HERE - Enter Code MAGNETICMAG for 15% Off  

By the pool, on a plane, your TIME slippers will always keep your feet happy.

By the pool, on a plane, your TIME slippers will always keep your feet happy.

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- You can slide them on and off, making them fantastic for traveling 

- Wool lining keeps your feet cozy and cool, rock them with no socks 

- Yoga Mat insoles, say no more... cushy genius

- Flexible like bare feet, these are like foot covers not sneakers

Look like sneakers, feel like slippers. 

Look like sneakers, feel like slippers. 

TIME Slippers are designed to help you recharge so you can spend your life doing what really matters. They serve as a reminder to let go of the nonsense. To do less - better. This is the philosophy of High Performance Relaxation, and it's infused into every aspect of our products. From stretch laces and flexible outsoles to a plush wool lining and yoga mat insoles.

We make slippers that are engineered for comfort.

We're here to help you relax with purpose.

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