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It's been another great month of hip-hop, so let's get right on celebrating what we love the most. From G Perico's West Coast swagger to La Goony Chonga's Latin flavors, we get in deep on what's happening in hip-hop today. 

1. G Perico - Affiliated 

G Perico's always got my heart, and his latest, "Affiliated," is just what we needed to close out the year with. With G-funk influences cascading through his laid back style, this one is not one to miss.

2. 21 Savage - Ric Flair Drip

This one is a bit of a gimme since this one is being played everywhere, but there's a reason to its popularity- it's undeniably catchy.

3. Kamaiyah - Before I Wake

Queen of the Bay Area right now, there is no wrong she can do in the music game to be honest. She's been bringing a nostalgic twist more and more into her sound as of late, and "Before I Wake" is the latest in her already impressive, yet young, discography.

4. Higher Brothers, Ski Mask the Slump God - Flo Rida

Holy shit. Just listen and thank me later.

5. Nadia Rose - Big Woman

Nadia Rose is absolutely fantastic, and if you aren't listening to her on the reg, now is just about the time to. "Big Woman" is an absolute killer, and this is truly beautiful. 

6. N.E.R.D. - Lemon

To be completely honest, this comeback hasn't really been all too impressive for me, but Rihanna's verse is enough that I'll keep listening to this one on the reg. Rihanna's been low key thriving this year for a lot of reasons, and she might have just added "best guest feature" onto that list too.

7. Skepta - Vicious EP

Skepta's keeping it real in his latest Vicious EP. Packed with everything we love about Skepta - his electrifying production choices and challenging lyrical style- while also still pushing himself creatively. The man has been unstoppable thus far, and he seems to be showing us what to expect as we head into 2018.

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8. T-Pain - Oblivion

T-Pain coming back is quite possibly up high on the list of good things that have happened in 2017 list and his album is proof that there is still hope for the planet.

9. The Buttress - Tenth Plague

The "Tenth Plague" is one of my go to tracks for my workouts recently, and with good reason. It's tough and strong, powerful and dynamic. The entire piece is just what you need to give you a little kick.

10. Tkay Maidza - Bom Bom

Wow, Tkay Maidza knows how to bring a punch into her flow. "Bom Bom" is the latest track we've heard from the talent and we're reminded of why we love her so much.

11. La Goony Chonga - Modelo

I'm absolutely obsessed with La Goony Chonga. With a dreamy, syrupy style, "Modelo" is perfection in every way.

12. Cam'Ron - The Program

Cam'Ron is back you guys! What else do you need? He's ready to put NY back onto the map.

13. The Diplomats - Once Upon a Time

... Speaking of Cam'Ron, Dipset is back together proving that not all of 2017 was absolutely terrible. While it's hard to know if the reunion will yield everything we hoped for and more, it's definitely nice to feel a little hope for once.

14. Gifted Gab - Come Correct

I'm not sure when I first heard of Gifted Gab, but her dediction to pushing her lyrical boundaries has made me a big fan of the artist. Gifted Gab's style feels simultaneously new and old, a foot in the past with a vision of the future. "Come Correct" is one of her best songs yet, and we can't wait for more.

15. Rincon Sapiencia - A Volta pra Casa

I've been obsessively following Brazil and Portugal's music scene, and Rincon Sapiencia is one of my favorites that I've found through all of my digging. With a powerful flow and addicting style, Sapiencia is worth spending some time on and digging through his discography. 

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