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There is a certain wonderment to having to go to another country for a music festival. First off, you are in a new place in another part of the world and second, you get to experience all that you love about music surrounded by a new culture. 2017 was definitely the year for destination festivals because so many have sprung up in places such as Croatia, Moldova, and Morocco. Every couple months I get alerted to festivals being held in places I didn't even know people travel to (...kidding!). The satisfaction of buying a plane ticket to explore Barcelona and knowing that I get to go a weekender in Spain and party with the rest of the world is truly awe-inspiring. Here are Magnetic Mag's top 5 destination festivals of 2017: 

Occurring twice a year, Sunwaves Festival has gained some serious popularity with its six stages in remote and exotic, Mamaia Beach, Romania. The festival holds the interest of lovers of Romanian minimal techno with their simple, yet elegant build over the course of five days. Sunwaves mixes the European culture with warm beach vibes on Romania's coast leaving you relaxed and satisfied from your escape. Get more info here!

Time Warp's success does not just end in Mannheim, Germany. Not too far from Romania, you'll find another beach festival atmosphere on the Pag Islands of Croatia on Zrce Beach in the Adriatic Sea. Sonus Festival is an island festival that happens over the course of five-days a mere week before the famous, Boat Week in Zrce Beach. Party on the beach, on a boat/yacht or in an outdoor venue overlooking what is probably one of the best views to be shaking your ass too. Did I also mention those Southern European hunks running around all on the loose?! Great beats and great abs...errr...we mean views. Get more info here

SXM Festival just had its second year this past March and since 2016 they have embarked on the infusion of tropic music and Caribbean vibes. Becoming a great spring break alternative to many Northern Americans in the western hemisphere the Anguilla Island have pretty much been overlooked as a music festival destination until then. Both 2016 and 2017 lineups were alarmingly well stacked for a new festival, but it probably is not to hard to persuade someone to play on a beautiful beach island... The Canadian-based organizers treat the island as a second home and unfortunately, due to the devastation of Hurricane Irma, their 2018 edition will not be happening, but they're out in full force re-building for 2019! Donate to their cause here and get more info on the festival here!

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One may not consider Oregon State as a destination getaway, but Oregon Eclipse Festival combined the ethos of Burning Man with the sensational experience of viewing the full solar eclipse this past August. The northern west state is filled with beautiful geographical attributes and agricultural anomalies like the Valley of the Giants that is filled with trees that are both hundreds of years old with trunk circumferences the same length as a small boat. A spiritual and holistic experience, many took part of soul searching with various ayahuasca and peyote shaman groups. The festival was everything that Burning Man once was, unique and rooted in the energy of the environment. Get more info here!

Snowbombing - April

Where better to enjoy winter sports than anywhere within the range of the Swiss Alps? Snowbombing Festival is held in Mayrhofen, Austria at a ski resort whose views are so breathtaking, you will need to make sure you don't accidentally fall off of the ski lift. Enjoy five days of shredding snow in one of the most beautiful sceneries in Europe whilst at night you get to party with the best of DJs and producers around. Snowbombing has something for everyone as their line-ups have everyone from Rudimental to Heidi to Camelphat! Get more info here!  

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