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With all the Christmas cookies and holiday parties, disco took a bit of a back seat. But man were we happy to get a chance to get back in the saddle! Compiling this list is the only gift we ever need! We've kept you waiting long enough so we'll get straight to the jams. 

1. Donell Jones - U Know What's Up (JKriv Rework)

Kicking off this month's selections is a stripped-down rework from Razor-N-Tape label boss JKriv. In usual and spectacular fashion, J leans heavily on a groovin' bass line, giving himself the space to tease in the vocals slowly over the course of the song. Front to back jam!

2. Nebraska - Aglio E Olio (Laurence Guy Remix) 

Moody house-master Laurence Guy brings a heavy emotionality to his work. Usually rooted in heavy, floating keys, he makes the perfect selections for rainy day shoe-gaze dance parties; of which his home city of London has many.  

3. Natasha Kitty Katt feat. Krane - 24 Hour Sesh - Masterworks Music

Outstanding dance floor material yet again from Natasha Kitty Katt! This one's got all the classic disco fixin's; a non-stop groovy bassline, screaming strings, and the perfect pinch of vocals that, all put together, give all the pieces of your brain something to latch onto.  

4. The Knocks & Captain Cuts - House Party (Oliver Disco Mixx) - Big Beat Records

Hold your horses, we've got an Oliver remix coming at you and holy god damn is it a good one! In classic Oliver status, their synth-y cord progression sneaks out of nowhere, slapping you upside the head. Can you say "play it again?" 

5. Hotmood - Junkie (Loz Goddard Remix) - Whiskey Pickle

We premiered another of Hotmood's tracks off this release, but this remix was so good that we felt compelled to throw this one at you, too. This glistening glamour jam has nothing but good things on display. 

6. James Rod - Tone of Love - Masterworks Music

When it comes to this down-home funk masterpiece, James Rod doesn't beat around the bush. He quickly unleashes his ever-amazing groove that makes it clear that his ideal love is SLAMMIN'   

7. JMMSTR - There's Always 

Horny as hell, this lively, percussive jam comes at you from the hard-working JMMSTER. With all sorts of breaks, this one has enough room for anyone to find a groove. Bring the whole family!

8. Javi Frias - Supah Stah - Night Shift Records

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Throw this one on in the morning because it's guaranteed to lift your spirits! Javi leaves you no choice but to shine!  

9. Hot Toddy - In The Genes

Hot Toddy unzips disco DNA on the regular with CRISPR like precision. On this one, he splices it all back together into an airy chimeric collection of spaced out, groovy sounds. 

10. Lúlla - Love Comes Quickly - Nude Disco Records

This cover of the 1986 Pet Shop Boys classic is nu-disco to its core, with heavy chord progressions and modern samples galore, but damn if it don't have soul.

11. Funkyjaws - Them + Us - Kolour LTD

Our month wouldn't be complete without an afro-jam! This one's a special one, with synth'd out keys setting the groundwork for a vocal explosion that is irresistibly uplifting.  Kolour LTD is one of our top favorite labels for a reason!

12. Will Dawson - Last Dance

Get ready to take a trip to a cosmic dance-floor that sounds like it's somewhere beyond Jupiter and Saturn. Synths as cold as ice languish in orbit around the tight-knit bass-line. Houston we have NO problem.

13. Towa Tei - Technova (Petko Turner Copacabana Edit)

This edit of Korean-Japanese Towa Tei leaves the amply powerful original enough room to shine, and yet brings a unique, tropical, approach to this 90's classic. You might recognize it as a main sample in Tribe's "Find A Way." Put on your sunglasses and relax in the shade! 

14. Michael Hokanson - Escape

This future-funk track starts out lightning fast and doesn't let up. Slamming your heart with it's groove, it leaves you no choice but to bang your head with reckless abandon as the vocals bobs in and around the slick bass-line.  

15. E. Live - Flotational Device - Star Creature

Rounding out this week's chart is a heart-filled jazzy number from top label Star Creature. This ones a sight for sore eyes; a veritable life-saver whose earnest keys will leave you feeling positively lifted. 

And now, the playlist!

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