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Weedsday Playlist: The Grow Off’s Jake Browne Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Jake Browne

Jake Browne

You may recognize Jake Browne as the witty and lovable co-host of The Denver Post’s The Cannabist Show. Recently, Browne announced he’s leaving The Cannabist, but will be staying busy as founder of The Grow Off, a quantitative competition where licensed cultivators start with the same genetics to see who can truly grow the best. Instead of being judged subjectively by unqualified enthusiasts, all entries are submitted to laboratory partners and evaluated based on cannabinoid profile, terpenoid content, and the highest yield.

In 2018, expect even more from Browne, who will be writing, shooting, editing and producing his own web series on controversial topics in cannabis. MAGNETIC is a big fan of everything Jake touches, so we asked him to curate this week’s Weedsday Playlist. 

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“I Wanna Smoke” by Gangsta Pat

So for some reason, Memphis rap was huge when I was growing up in Iowa, especially 36 Mafia. This was our favorite song to "hit a route" on, where we'd roll up a few blunts and drive around country roads smoking schwag and trying to feel gangsta. It's a serious earworm, where you'll wake up singing the hook two days later. Not to mention, Pat is so technically great with his flow. For me, this song is a total encapsulation of what we'd puff to as kids when we weren't listening to Dave Matthews Band to try and get girls.

“West Coast” by Fidlar

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Conversely, Fidlar is what I listen to when I want to feel like it's my sophomore year in college. We were fucking idiots watching CKY videos, drinking and smoking too much, and jumping off of or into things too frequently. A friend broke my bong at a basement party and told me to punch him in the head. I did, and that broke my hand. You get the point. This is my favorite version of West Coast where it sounds like a demo that got leaked and a fan made this weird video littered with drug PSAs. If hedonism had an anthem, this is it.

“Three Colors II” by Sunset Rubdown

I don't know how I found this EP, but I think I played it on repeat for an entire day. I was also super broke at the time and was scraping resin which got all over the black pants I waited tables in. I didn't notice and was written up. Spencer Krug's voice is haunting in the best ways and every note feels like it was expertly placed inside of a tornado. Listen to the whole EP, but this song is like a trance at the end, some midnight gypsy dance party in the late 19th century I stumbled into that, when combined with a nice indica—gives me chills.

“Coffee” ft. John Darnielle by Aesop Rock

One of my favorite pairings: strong sativa and black coffee. If you're not familiar with Aesop and too high, his lyrical abilities make English sound like another language. Flat out the best vocabulary in the game, plus a super catchy hook and zombie killing children? Yes, please! John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats then comes in out of left field with this beautiful vocal on the outro, and who does that in a rap song? Shows a ton of maturity in his fifth studio album to come with a song like this and I'll always puff some Haze to Coffee and feel jittery.

“The Power Is On” by The Go! Team

I'm in love with dumb hype music, so when I found The Go! Team it was mind blowing, like what Fatboy Slim could have been. The horns coming in at 1:32 get me every time, and then I'm convinced I know how to air drum which is a lot of thrashing around with my arms. Also, I have zero idea what any of the lyrics are so I'll mumble indistinctly along with it. If you're going to do epic shit, this is the match to your gasoline. If you're too stoned, this is your cold shower.

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