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The birth of this chart; Pontchartrain's first EP on Whiskey Disco; 11 outstanding Razor-N-Tape releases; from beginning to end, 2017 was a damn good year for disco! It's a bit of a daunting task to pick the 15 best disco & funk tracks from a given year, especially when there are thousands unheard by this here humble writer. But here's the deal, if we spent all of our time deliberating our picks how would we find this year's? Circular logic, I know, but that's pretty on theme for this vinyl heavy genre! Ha ha ha, that'll clearly be the pun of 2018. At any rate, let's get to it. Our favorite 15 Disco & Funk tracks from 2017, coming at ya!

See the best charts from this past year.

1. Pontchartrain - Lambrusco - Whiskey Disco

Seriously, is this not the most beautiful song you've ever heard? When it comes to production, Pontchartrain is the smoothest dude in the business. The Whiskey Disco label boss and Detroit native has a legendary grasp on the history of this genre and treats his samples with an incredible amount of respect. Whenever he deigns to bless us with his masterful edits, an angel gets their wings. 

2. Peter Croce Edits - Proletariat Blues - Razor-N-Tape

Rocksteady Disco label owner and all around incredible-dude Peter Croce is all about passion. He's fairly fresh on the scene at large but man, oh, man has he made up for lost time. It was tough to pick just one of his productions from this year, but this "grown-ass-groove" off his first ever release on Razor-N-Tape has too much power to deny. We love a good story and damn does this track have one to tell!

3. P-Sol - Moods - Whiskey Pickle

Not to be confused with the other boozy-label featured above, Whiskey Pickle is an Austin, TX label that is just about the only crew keeping disco alive in the Lone Star State. God bless em, and hot damn do they know how to pick em! This positively lovely edit by P-Sol is hard not to fall in love with; the xylophones bouncing on the bed of strings quickly brings joyful tears to the eyes. You're liable to put this on repeat for fear of losing the good feelings it inspires deep inside. 

4. Soul Reductions - Got 2 Be Loved - Take Away Records

I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! There's not much to be said about this track other than a protestation of it's merits. Buy it. Now.

5. Chuggin Edits - Nights Over Essex - Noc Boots

We're going to keep this feels train chugging right along until the wheels fall off. Not sure that metaphor holds, unlike the slick bass-line of this track. This magic carpet ride swings you off your feet and takes you to a far off land full of awe and wonder!

6. Aroop Roy - Talkin Bout Life - House Of Disco

You'd be shocked if you could see how many times this song has been played on my iTunes this year. But then again, with the way this song opens up, you might understand just how easy it is to throw this on repeat. Aroop Roy is disco royalty, and after listening to this track, you'll see why. The choppy samples grasp your attention only to throw it up in the air, leaving you to pick up the pieces.    

7. Jimpster - Crave feat. Florence Rawlings (Flabaire Remix) - Freerange Records

Simply put, Jimpster knows how to put it down. Its got that pitch perfect vocal feature that snuggles alongside another of his top notch bass-lines. While we cant say we were caught entirely flat footed, the dance moves this remix prompted were certainly unsettling

8. Fouk - F3000 - Heist Recordings 

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Stop whatever it is you think you’re doing and go purchase this EP ASAP. Fouk puts down acid jazz disco tracks like nobody's business, and this release on Heist Recordings bubbles up some feelings you will not want to go away. Chunky beyond measure with top notch breaks and bridges, this stellar work from the Netherlands-based duo stayed fresh all year.

9. Crazy P - In My Hands (Hot Toddy Remix) - Classic Music Company

Hot Toddy is the master of crafting slow-burning tracks. This one starts off with the legs to stand on it's own, and yet seem to grow a second pair as the song unfolds. By the end of the seven minute excursion you'll not want to leave, swearing that you just got here.

10. Moullinex - Open House feat. Tee Flowers- Discotexas

Moullinex has an eye for the odd. Our favorite nu-disco producer puts together tracks that are replete with interesting sounds and samples. The end results are generally stunning, as seen in this dance-floor filling device in which simplistic lyrics disguise an incredibly complex production. Check out our interview with this maestro!

11. Cody Currie - Movin' Smoke - Razor-N-Tape

Cody Currie has a masterful approach to song-building. He throws the expectations out with the bath water and the end results end up feeling a hell of a lot like jazz. Smooth as all hell, this smorgasbord deftly fills you up with energy, leaving no choice but to dance!

12. Keita Sano - Afrika - Dansu Discs

Keita Sano stands as one of the most innovative and visionary producers out there. The blatant disregard for norms is inspiring in it's approach, leading to tracks like this one that feels completely strange despite it's familiarity. The Japanese disco scene is a unique one, and rest assured this one that hails from there is one-of-a kind too. 

13. Capyac - No

Ready yourself for a journey of epic proportions. Austin, TX based weirdos constructed a masterpiece that must be experienced to be appreciated. It ranges the gamut of emotions, and, despite a single two-letter sample, it tells one hell of a story. Speaking of stories, Capyac told us their's!

 14. Folamour - Ya Just Need 2 Believe In Yaself - Raw Stream | Chineurs de House

Deep and groovy, this one from Folamour has got vocal samples that float in and out of focus, playing fiddle with the bass-line throughout. It's a veritable sound-bath of good vibes, filling you with retrospective bliss. 

15. Ari Bald - That Lonely Night - Better Listen Records

Rounding out the chart is a club ready jam that's chock full of feel good flavor. The vocals slowly unfold, giving the track a steady building feeling that elevates your spirits without circumventing your brain. 

This might be our best playlist yet!

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