5 Great Sites For Streaming Live DJ's

Looking for some great sites that offer music streaming from Live DJ's?
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You are not alone. Most music buffs out there are looking for the same, and you would be surprised at the choices that you have. If you are unsure which music streaming site would be the best for you when it comes to hearing your live DJ, don't worry - we have created a list you would love.

The Top 5 Sites for Music Streaming Live DJ's

1. Chew

This one is designed for DJs around the world. You can sign up and create your own account for free, and let the world hear what you have to offer. If you are a listener, this site is a great choice to browse from different genres and taste around the world. You can even browse from categories like popular shows and the latest live choices for you, ensuring it's time well spent for you.

2. Plug.dj

This one's for you if you are looking for a site that has more than the usual to offer you. It's a great choice if you have an event coming up and want to make it accessible for all - even those who couldn't make it there physically. Just stream all the content you have, and make it playable to all listeners. Viewers could even chat among themselves, making this more fun.

3. MixCloud

It's your choice if you are looking for great live shows. It isn't the usual pop and rock stuff out there - you have channels dedicated to genres like trance and melody as well.

4. Mixlr

This one's not just for those who love to hear some great live DJ. You can create your own channel out there but more than that, you could even integrate the audio channel right to your website page. It's simple and only takes a couple of minutes.

Listeners can chat with the DJ too, and ensure that they can tell just what they want to hear next. No more waiting to go to that next DJ party and fail to make the DJ play what you want. You could just tell what you need, no matter where you are!

5. Twitch.tv

This one's not just for the music lovers out there. Instead, you can stream anything from games to music and more. The channels are many, and you can choose just the one you like. In fact, you could even listen to live music from some of the music festivals out there, so you can't be really complaining when you are with Twitch!

Looking to Do More with Your Time?

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