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Actor Interrupts Madam X's Holy Ship Set Because It Wasn't "Hip-Hop Enough"

Show Madam X some respect.

Interrupting a DJ set because of your own musical opinion is never a good idea, no matter your own credentials. On Holy Ship, DJ, label owner and party thrower, Madam X had her set interrupted by an unwelcomed guest, James Earl, who is an actor and DJ. Madam X was scheduled for the “hip-hop stage” and outlined in a series of tweets and Instagram post what went down when Earl interrupted the show because she wasn’t "hip-hop enough."

She plays a mix of grime, hip-hop, drum and bass and other UK flavor in her sets, so there is a bit of everything -- just not hours of 2017-2018 American trap music.

Madam X was grateful to her fans that eventually booed off Earl and maintained that she “will ALWAYS do me & play my shit.” She continued, “Never in all my yrs of Djing have I experienced such distasteful, tacky behaviour.”

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Earl responded, saying that it’s “our job as DJs to do our homework” and she shouldn’t have been playing to an empty room allegedly.

From Earl’s socials, he seems to spend time with Rome Fortune and What So Not, among others, while also playing gigs of his own. He has been in movies like Gridiron Gang, The Lazarus Experiment and the TV show Scream Queens. 

And Jubilee with the best hot take on the whole damn thing.

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