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On Thursday, Apple rolled out yet another significant update for their signature music production software, Logic Pro X. The update, numerated as 10.4, introduced a handful of new features, including an updated vectorial interface for Space Designer. Apple also introduced a brand new algorithmic reverb called ChromaVerb. Furthermore, this update sees the addition of Step and Phat FX, Vintage EQ Collection, and Studio Strings and Horns plugins. 

On top of the added plugins and an updated vectorial interface for Space Designer, this 10.4 update includes new presets, loops (800), Drummers, and libraries. 


Apple made a handful of improvements to Alchemy, including adding four additional MIDI sources that can be assigned to modulation destinations, a side chain input that can be used as a source for envelope followers, and including a back button to navigate to a previous Mod Target.

A cinematic library with 150 presets has also been added to Alchemy. 

Smart Tempo

Perhaps the most anticipated and most welcomed feature in the 10.4 update would be the introduction of a Smart Tempo. This allows for Logic to automatically detect the tempo across an entire project. Rather than conforming to a metronome, you can record a guitar, for example, in and Logic will adjust the tempo of the project according to the tempo the guitar was recorded at. 

This is extremely helpful and a huge time saver, as loops and Drummer tracks can be added and will automatically conform to the tempo of the recorded audio. If you update the original audio tempo, then the changes will be universal. 

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ChromaVerb + Plugins

Another new addition to Logic Pro X is ChromaVerb, a new algorithmic reverb. This plugin provides you with 14 neat spaces that showcase how reverb is affecting the audio in a colorful and visual way. Aside from how cool the plugin is, the quality of the reverb is solid. 

Logic Pro X's ChromaVerb Plugin

Logic Pro X's ChromaVerb Plugin

Apple also introduced some new EQ plugins that are modeled after the API, Neve, and Pultec hardware in the 1950s to the 1970s: Vintage Graphic EQ, Vintage Tube EQ, and Vintage Console EQ. Phat FX is a new plugin that features a nine-module multi-effect and contains an X/Y pad with a multitude of enhancements for your audio, like warmth, crunch, and distortion.

While some were hoping for an FL Studio-like GrossBeat, Step FX is step sequencer that can be used to get extremely creative with groovy movements. 

For the full list of features and improvements to Logic Pro X 10.4, see the release notes here.

H/T: The Verge

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