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Beware Holy Ship: Gary Richards Reportedly Launching New Cruise Festival

Gary Richards is cooking something up.

Gary Richards may be cooking up something big. Over the past few days has been hinting at the launch of a new cruise festival. It isn’t clear how this would be different from Holy Ship! or Groove Cruise, but there seems to be plenty of demand for these events. Now no longer affiliated with either as a president at LiveStyle, he is free to create something of his own with the backing of a large brand.

In a recent conversation with Mixmag, he spoke about working with LiveStyle and the support he gets. He also started to detail new projects including festivals and music cruises. He has pointed fans to a website AMFAMFAMF', which is a vague site for a festival All My Friends. It could be a separate festival or the same one as his cruise called Friend Ship. He also seemed to confirm the news at a gig over the weekend in Brooklyn.

His team is being coy about the move, but they aren’t denying that a ship festival is in the works. We will see in the coming months what Richards has in store for the world as a potential competitor to his former Holy Ship!

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