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California is Expected to Sell One Million Pounds of Marijuana in 2018

Expected to raise $3.4 billion in sales.
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California's start in the recreational marijuana game has been a little rocky, with cities like Los Angeles still failing to properly provide the permits necessary for businesses to turn recreational. Regardless of these hiccups the industry is expected to sell one million pounds worth of marijuana this year, which, according to The Hill, will be $3.4 billion in sales and $643 million of it would go towards tax or sales revenue. Portions of the revenue will be going towards "substance abuse treatment programs and research into the economic and environmental impact of legalization." The rest will go to regulating the industry. 

Although California is slated to grow their recreational marijuana industry slower than states like Colorado and Nevada, and the industry will only be a small part of California's annual budget, The Hill is further reporting that this could be the difference between life and death for local programs all over the state. No matter what, the sales themselves speak for itself and prove to be a solid decision for the state. 

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