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California's Recreational Marijuana Sales Might Hit a Roadblock

There are not enough marijuana transporters registered in the state.

One of the difficulties of establishing recreational marijuana in a state is the lack of businesses registered in time for such a hot commodity. Many other states have run into similar roadblocks, and while some people thought that with California's long running lax attitude things may run a little more smoothly in the first few months, some are predicting that an often-overlooked part of the marijuana industry may cause roadblocks in the coming weeks- marijuana transporters. 

California has been trying to implement an untested method of distribution system that will keep track of transportation as well as serve "as a collection point for taxes, a gateway for testing and a packaging center for the plant’s fragrant buds." 

“There’s going to be huge bottleneck in the distribution network in California at some point,”  Terry Blevins, a part-owner of a marijuana distribution company explains to The Cannabist

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Many are further worried that Jeff Session's recent decision to undo Obama-era Marijuana regulation will further dissuade others from getting into the transportation business. 

This could mean bad news for the California recreational marijuana industry in its first year as the distribution points serve as "the traffic lights on the industry," and could help provide healthy weed for those looking to obtain it legally. 

More information about this can be found via The Cannabist

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