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Carl Cox Launching Record Label For Live Electronic Artists With Cristopher Coe

Carl Cox is creating a home for live electronic acts.
Carl Cox

Carl Cox

Carl Cox is a man of many accolades and is about to add one more to his career. He is launching a new record label with Christopher Coe exclusively for live electronic acts. The new label will be called Awesome Soundwave, aptly titled for the perpetually positive Carl Cox.

ASW (Awesome Soundwave) will launch Coe’s upcoming album titled MNTS of SLNC (Mountains of Silence) and live show, inspired by the by mountainous landscape around his hometown in Ireland. There will also be a large visual component to the LP.

"My idea was to create a label where artists who actually can make their music live, and perform their music live, have a stable where they can be themselves, be able to create the music without any boundaries and to feel free in the sense of releasing music without prejudice in any way, shape or form,” Cox says of the label to Mixmag.

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There isn't a clear definition of what constitutes as "live" since that can be quite fluid these days, but if we get a comment on that, we will let you know.

Irish producer Christopher Coe is also known for his productions as Digital Primate. He has released several productions on Carl Cox’s own imprint Intec Digital, which helped create the bond for this new project.

The first release on the label will be from Coe. It is an EP of one of his album tracks, “Headland” along with remixes by Reinier Zonneveld, Fabio Neural, Robin Kampschoer and Sly Faux, which will be released on March 2. You can stream the original below, which was featured in Carl Cox’s recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. The full album will come in May.

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