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Coachella is Still Anti-Marijuana For its 2018 Festival Run

Not the 4/20 Marijuana lovers may have imagined at Coachella this year.
Images Courtesy of Coachella.

Image Courtesy of Coachella 

The legalization of Marijuana in various states has added another level of difficulty for festivals especially considering that many events have been facing increasing scrutiny from public officials and health advocates. 

While some festivals have decided to embrace the legalization, Coachella, for its part, has decided to continue their Anti-Marijuana stance on the fairgrounds come April. This largely comes from the city of Indio's laws- the town itself has banned the "selling, cultivating or distributing of cannabis" on city grounds. While the city will have to follow the new law that allows for people to possess marijuana in small doses, it still means that the event itself cannot be the marijuana haven some of us may have imagined.

On the other hand, surrounding cities - Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs or Cathedral City- are more marijuana-friendly, so we're sure to see some exciting day parties happen after all. 

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Check out the lineup below. The festival will run from 

Image Courtesy of Coachella

Image Courtesy of Coachella

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