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Dax J Takes On Society With New Concept Album 'Offending Public Morality'

Dax J takes on the world with his new album.
Dax J Offending Public Morality

One of our artists to watch for 2018, Dax J, is gearing up for a big year indeed with the announcement of a new album Offending Public Morality. Clearly a swing at his recent incident with the Tunisian authorities last year, he will also explore public morality public morality through issues such as racism, prostitution, murder and drug abuse in this concept album.

The 14-track LP will feature a wide-range of techno, EBM, jungle and ambient.

"The concept of 'public morality' is one that can be used to help solidify the bonds that hold together society," states Dax J in a press release, "but on the other hand, it can also provide the basis for acts of exclusion and scapegoating within that same society."

The LP will be released on April 6 via his own Monnom Black. Stream a new single “Babylon Brutality” below from the Berlin-based DJ to get ready for the LP.


01. Babylon Brutality

02. The Art Of Murder

03. Looking For Tina

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04. 1001 Amen Nights

05. Waves Of Isolation feat. Zanias

06. Reclaim Our Lost Honor

07. Unrepentacostal

08. Feed The Pigeons

09. Offending Public Morality

10. It's A Trap

11. Mustapha Mond

12. Kerb Crawling

13. Acid Ascention

14. Death Is Imminent

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