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9 Dirtybird DJs Share Their Camping Essentials

From olive oil, to sunglasses and extra socks, Dirtybird DJs share what you need to camp right.
Dirtybird Campout Camping Essentials

Dirtybird Camping Essentials

Dirtybird DJs love to camp. Or at least if they want to be a part of the family, they better learn to love camping. With a growing stable of camping festivals, including a debut in Florida next month, the Dirtybird brand is stronger than ever. With a new compilation titled Dirtybird Campout East Coast in honor of the upcoming Florida event, we got together nine of your musical guides and counselors including Justin Jay, Nick Monaco, BOT and Dateless to provide their essential camping gear. Some are obvious like dancing shoes and others are the advice of experienced campers such as fresh socks.

Listen to the compilation and keep scrolling for your camping essentials.

Bruno Furlan - “The essential items for me are: flashlight, medical kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, ear protectors, hard boots, books to put on the table, water guns and others hahaha.”

Nick Monaco - “That long needle that John Travolta sticks into Uma Thurman’s chest in Pulp Fiction when she overdoses.“

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Justin Jay - “Comfy shoes."

Lucati - “I'm bringing a brand new 12-pack of socks and changing them out at every meal. There's nothing worse than swamp feet for 3 days. Warm toes, make the party go!”

Dateless - “My essential piece of camping gear would probably be either wet wipes (cause there's nothing like a clean asshole!) or an external usb charger (cause my iPhone battery is always shit!)”

Vangelis Kostoxenakis - “Cant leave the house for DBC without my camp stove. Gotta warm up those beats and Claude’s beans at anytime.”

Dimiz - “Sunglasses over the day are essential.”

Baley - “As i believe there will not be really much of sleep time during the DBC campout but if there will be time to get some rest, a pillow would have made my day (night).”

BOT - “A small flask of olive oil, I can't eat anything without and could literally eat dirt if I season it with it."

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