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Dreams Do Come True: Felmax Talk's About His Recent Big Win With SoStereo and Budweiser

Nothing better than a success story, SoStereo's placement of Felmax's track gave this artist some serious exposure and changed everything for him
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A couple of months back, SoStereo was contracted by Anomaly to help find the perfect track for their upcoming Budweiser work. The project, an online piece announcing the FIFA WorldCup Groups needed an edgy and modern track, full of energy. After a couple of pitches, the team ultimately fell in love with and licensed "Dough" by DJ/Producer Felmax. No one anticipated what would ensue. 

Below is a quick Q&A with Felmax and a playlist of some of his work.


So, tell us about your tweet that made some waves

My family left Venezuela when I was 8. I don't recall too much, but I do remember my Mom saying we needed to leave the country and that things were getting worse. It was in early 2000 when we came to the U.S. , jeez.. that sounds so long ago when I say that, but we had friends that helped us with the process to find political asylum in the states. I remember my dad stayed behind because things were getting intense and he needed to save money to support the family and send money when he could. When we first got here it was my mom, aunt, sister, brother and me. My brother and I were pretty much expected to work, clean, and take care of the house and try to learn english at the same time. We all slept on one big inflatable mattress at my uncle's apartment for the first year until we got an efficiency place in Miami and stayed there for a little bit. Eventually things got better, but in the beginning it was rough and definitely a big transition.

And what about the song? Any specific story behind it?

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I made "Dough" about 2 and half maybe 3 years ago. I remember I was just wanted to make a cool melody and an intro that was different from my other stuff. That song is probably the only song I have that I started working on the intro first, most of my other stuff I usually produce the "drop" first and then build an intro around it. That song was the first "brass" song I made too and after making it I just remember the whole melody getting stuck in my head so I thought this could really have some potential if I am singing it at the grocery store... lol. It was cool to see such a positive response and that the awesome people at Trap Nation believed in it for one of their first Lowly Palace releases.


How would you describe your style?

As far as my previous work, I would say its a mixture of hip hop instrumental-esq dance music, upbeat, energetic, heavy bass music. The stuff that's coming out is different from what my previous releases but i still try to keep the music "heavy" in its own sense. I think every song is a "banger" in its own sense, like "3 Little Birds" by Bob Marley, that is a reggae banger.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.16.31 PM

Who are your influences and what music are you into right now?I listen to a bunch of different stuff - but I would definitely say Pharell, Max Martin, Timbaland, Charlie Puth, Space Laces, A$AP Rocky, Bob Marley, SOAD, Five Finger Death Punch, I could go on forever and it's kind of all over the place but that definitely resembles my taste

I think currently, I would have to say Blackbear. His music is flat out insane. Lyrically he is a genius and his entire song structure is really well put together. On top of that he is well respected in the industry as a mogul of sorts and I admire that.

Finally, what's next for Felmax? I have a big vocal record coming out in January with Spinnin Records. Its a collab with my homies from England - Wide Awake (they're insane musicians and great dudes). In 2018, I'm putting out stuff completely different from what people are used to hearing. I am a little nervous to see the response but I think people will dig it. On top of that, I have a ton of Hip-Hop records that I am working on with some of my favorite rappers in the game. Im not sure if I can announce who they are just yet, but I am very excited for these to come out. Lastly, I have a massive collab with one of my all time favorite heavy metals groups whom I've been listening to for years - it is almost a childhood dream - I couldn't be more excited for that record to come out. I hate not being able to publicly announce all this stuff, but I guess thats part of the surprise. I think in 2018 I really see myself trying to push the envelope in everything I do - from working on rock songs, hip-hop, dance music, all the way to finding more ways to work alongside brands like Budweiser (which I am still shocked about lol). For me this next year, I just want people to ask "How?" like "How did this guy do all that?" and I am willing to take the sacrifice and work hard to make it all happen

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