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Drum and Bass Producer Mistabishi Found Making Racist, Xenophobic Comments

Good riddance.

Happy back from vacation for me. UK Drum and bass producer Mistabishi and likely clueless Brexiteer, has made it very clear to the world who still cares about his career that he is racist and xenophobic. In a now deleted Facebook post, he took shots at Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor saying he isn’t English because he is Muslim and his parents weren’t born in England.


One Facebook user responded saying "Britain doesn't want you, either", to which Mistabishi replied according to Mixmag, "Feel free to beat your child cousin bride and throw gay people off buildings because 'it's your culture', Muzzy."

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This also isn’t the only incident of Mistibishi, real name James Pullen, making these sorts of comments. If you flip through his socials, it is riddled with various insidious and disgusting things towards migrants and minorities. He has called for the castration and deportation of migrants, calls black people chimps and the n word and more. You get the drift with this type of lowlife. 

It wasn’t easy to give this guy any publicity because it could make a darling for the extreme right, neo Nazis and their disgusting ilk, but in the end the dance music establishment will likely find his brand too toxic to be a part of. He was signed to Hospital Records as one point, so the musical talent was there. Then again Ten Walls is back. 

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