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Fake Burning Man Ticket Scam Targeting Fyre Festival Attendees

Don't buy these tickets.
Watch: Burning Man Filmed From A Drone’s View

Watch: Burning Man Filmed From A Drone’s View

Fool you once, shame on you. Fool you twice, shame on me. Someone is trying to test this out with a fresh scam of Fyre Festival attendees who already went through the very public ringer last September. Now someone is potentially targeting them with a fresh ticket scam for Burning Man tickets.

A company called NYC VIP Access (sounds sketchy already right?), is emailing people on the Fyre Festival email list about buying purchasing Burning Man tickets, except there is a problem. Burning Man tickets haven’t gone on sale yet and won’t go on sale for another week.

The official Burning Man pre-sale will start on January 31 and are only available to those who create their “burner profiles” in advance – not just some random person from a third party vendors.

The tickets are also undervalued at just $325, when they normally sell at anywhere between $425 and $1200 depending on the tier. Sounds too good to be true? Burning Man is tell potential buyers to stay away.

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“Burning Man has not started selling tickets yet. We warn people extensively to only buy tickets directly from Burning Man or from trusted sources. This isn't fraud directed at us, but rather at the individuals who are duped into purchasing the ‘tickets,’” Burning Man communications manager Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley said in an email to Vice News.

There are several more indicators of fraud. They say they can get up to 12 tickets at once, when the maximum for Burning Man is 10 tickets per person. Also there is confidentiality and no disarrangement agreement in the contract for the tickets, which should be a major red flag.

There is a second layer to this. NYC VIP Access had to have gotten Fyre Festival’s email list somehow, which could have been done in a myriad of ways, but suggests a connection between the two companies (Fyre Festival being a part of Fyre Media).

We reached out to NYC VIP Access with a slew of questions to see if we could get a comment or clarification on where they are getting their tickets from, if they have a response to being called a scam etc. and have not heard back.

See the contract below via Vice and watch out for this scam.

Burning Man Ticket Scam

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