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Old School Music Things That We Miss

From the simple mixtape to an old school flyer, these are some of the things we miss in the world of modern music loving
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Don't get us wrong, music in 2018 is incredibly cool, but there are those of us who still miss about the old days. Not to sound too nostalgic, but there were many things only around 15 years ago that are sorely missed today. Sure, Spotify is awesome and there are a huge amount of great music festivals to visit every year, but still… these are a few things we miss from back in the day.

Making someone a mixtape (yeah, a cassette)

Of course, you can make someone a playlist on all the major music streaming services, but there's just not that beautiful yet awkward interaction of handing someone a mixtape/CD. We are losing so much in-person communication all the time due to social media and texting, and the days when you would make your crush an epic mixtape are well and truly gone. Sure, this has a lot to do with tapes and CDs being essentially obsolete, but hey, you could always use a USB stick, right? The problem is that a Spotify playlist feels so impersonal and without any real effort.

Getting leaflets for a show

It's safe to say that we all get inundated with hundreds of offers for gigs and events on Facebook every month, but how many of those do you actually remember to read up about? Posters for upcoming concerts still exist to some degree, but what we're missing is again, the human interaction of someone handing you a leaflet for a show. It could be some local band that you've never heard of, but at least you've got a physical reminder that doesn't get lost in the deluge of other social media notifications. Leaflets are still easy to get if you're a band or musician putting on a show, so don't let this strong tradition go of handing one to someone in the street.

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Having more small venues to see live bands

It's no secret that thousands of small music venues across the world are being shut down, for one reason or another. These are the types of places where huge bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones would get their first adoring crowds and slowly build up a fanbase, but now? These creative places struggle against gentrification, and instead of a place to showcase local acts that could make it big one day, we get a carpark, a Starbucks, or another supermarket.

Simply enjoying the concert without taking hundreds of photos

Seriously? Will you watch that tinny-sounding four-minute video when you get home from the concert? And of those 70 pictures you took, are any of them not blurry? There was a time we'd throw our hands in the air like we just didn't care, but now we care because it's likely to get our phones knocked out of our hands. Take the time to immerse yourself in the music and just dance, nod your head, tap your foot and experience it all without needing a photographic souvenir.

Having a headphone jack on our iPhones

Thankfully, we can use some of these headphones that can be used wirelessly, but when Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone, was anyone jumping with joy? Unlikely. We remember a day where it was normal to plug your headphones into your iPhone, and wish they hadn't gone completely.

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