Gear Up - 3 Style Tips on Standing Out at Formal Networking Events

This is by no means the time to be “out there” with your fashion. It is time to make a statement that creates you as a memorable element of the networking event.
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Arriving at a formal networking event, chances are that you will be met by a sea of grey, black and neutral colors. Professionals think alike, and these are colors that embody the professional, executive position. If you are wearing these colors, as well, chances are you will simply fade into the background, becoming another insignificant spec in the sea of neutral and boring. Finding the right accessories, whether they be earrings or even silver skull ring can give you the look that you are after. The right accessories will be easy to find when choosing a reputable supplier.

This is by no means the time to be “out there” with your fashion. It is time to make a statement that creates you as a memorable element of the networking event. The crucial question here is how to accomplish this. You need to create a look that you are comfortable wearing, that will stand out without being over the top and that will ensure when others look back at the event they remember you in a positive manner. Easy, right?

The following tips will help you create this look and walk into your next formal networking event with confidence to make the connections you need in order to take your business to the next level.

1. Determine the Dress Code

Some networking events will specify a particular wardrobe they expect attendees to adhere to. This is commonly seen in fundraising events for charities or other nonprofit purposes. It is important to ensure what you wear adheres to this set dress code. While you want to do all you can to be original, you don’t want to blatantly break rules while you are at an event. Generally, you can find information about the dress code to an event on their website or even on their social media. The research you do will more than pay off in the long run.

2. A Memorable Impact

In the instances of formal networking events there are ways you can easily meet the dress code and still create a memorable impact. For women, try pairing a solid colored blouse with a printed or patterned pencil skirt. You will be dressed professionally and still stand out from the other shades and tones that other attendees are wearing. For men, try wearing a colored tie, or vest with your ensemble. It may be a bit more difficult for men than women to make an impression with color or design because bold or colored suits are rarely acceptable.

If prints or colors are deemed unacceptable attire, which is typically not the case, consider adding a noticeable accessory. Nothing over the top, a red scarf or gold cufflinks are enough to make a subtle, yet memorable impact on those you meet at the event. Additionally, this will make you easier to point out in the crowd. Instead of being one of the twenty women in the black dress, you will be the one with the red scarf. This will create a memory in those you meet due to the slight variance you have from others who have attended the event.

3. Accessories are Your Friend

Even if you have to dress in a boring outfit to meet the dress code of an event, you can always liven things up with the right accessories. There are so many different accessories out there and they are usually not that expensive. Before deciding on which accessories to get, you will need to assess what type of image you are trying to convey. By doing this, you will be able to narrow down the list of available accessories with ease. The right supplier will be able to offer you a great deal of guidance during this selection process.

The time and energy that you put into making your outfit unique will pay off in the end. 

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