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Gina Turner Set to Perform At Holy Ship After Arrest

Explains that the charges against her are false.

Gina Turner has explained through a now deleted (of which a screenshot was captured by YourEDM) that she will be returning to Holy Ship after explaining that she had medical marijuana (along with her medical marijuana card on her persons at the time) and that all other charges are false. She further explained that “The other charge is COMPLETELY false. A false positive reading on a natural vitamin.” According to Billboard, she was initially arrested on three felony charges "including one count of cocaine possession and two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription." 

While details about Turner's return are still scarce, we're sure to find out more about her set times as they head into the second week of Holy Ship!. 

A dozen others were reportedly arrested this year, including popular nightlife photographer/videographer GlenJamn

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We're excited to see Gina Turner back and ready for the second weekend and hope all is explained in the coming weeks and months. 

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