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Grime and Electronic Fans Are Dancing Their Way Into Fitness

Just dance.
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DICE, a music and live event discovery platform based in the UK, has released findings of a new study they conducted for those looking to get fit this January. The company utilized fitbits to learn how many steps the average show-goer takes at different genre events. 

Grime and Electronic fans were seen as the most active, with Grime fans taking an average of 7,635 steps and Electronic fans taking 6,565 steps. Pop fans came in third with 5,588 steps, R'n'B fan with 3,914, and indie fans averaging 2,347 steps. All is great news for those that are looking to get a little closer to their 10,000 steps each day!

The Head of Music for DICE, Russ Tannen, explained further what this means for music-fans explaining- 

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“This is fantastic news for gig-goers everywhere. Little did we know that while we were spending night after night in sticky floored basements, freezing cold warehouses and over-crowded venues, we were accidently hitting our fitness goals. Keep it up.”

More info about their recent study can be found here

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