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Hospital Records Removes Mistabishi's Music From Catalog, Donates Revenue From His Music To Anti-Racism Charities

Good move by Hospital Records. Love trumps hate.
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Over the weekend, news started to spread about UK drum and bass producer Mistibashi, real name James Pullen, and the racist and xenophobic things he consistently writes online. It went widespread when he called out London Mayor Sadiq Khan for not being English, according to Pullen, because Khan is Muslim and Khan’s parents weren’t born in England. As the image of these comments and others started to circulate, the reaction from others has been swift. Since the producer first got his claim to fame in 2007-2009 putting out songs on Hospital Records, the label was attached, no matter how tenuous, to his toxic brand. They have responded and are doing so by removing his music from their store and donating income from his music to an anti-racism charity.

Hospital released an album titled Drop and several other projects by Mistabishi between 2007 and 2009. Now they are removing them from their store and then giving all proceeds from publishing and sales to Love Music Hate Racism, a charity that uses music to bring people from various races together. Now will the distributors also take that step.

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