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Ibiza is Cracking Down on Some of its Most Popular Venues- Temporary Shut Downs, Fines, and more

Nine clubs are set to shut down for two weeks with shorter curfews.

Last October Ibiza clubs were threatened to be temporarily shut down following crackdowns on excessive noise on the party island and it seems that they have followed through on their plans after announcing that nine, still yet to be disclosed venues, will be shut down for up to two weeks. While undisclosed, the venues in target are suspected to be those that cater to English visitors. 

These nine clubs will be fined £8,036 and may face further fines and closures totaling up to 93 days and additional fines going up to £30,000 for some event spaces. 

After they are reopened, the venues will then have to follow stricter guidelines and close earlier than their previous hours (they will have to shut down at 3am, two hours earlier than before). Terraces that were previously open until 2am may also now have to close by 11pm, depending on the ruling of the council set to be sometime next month. 

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