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AW18 Blood Brother takes a look at the Instant Win, Instant Lifestyle promised to us by the omnipotent force that is Camelot & The National Lottery for the fall.

Reflecting on the ‘loaded expectancy’ of the current generation, the lottery provides a get-rich-quick escape plan in an era defined by instant gratification. Exploring the theme of quick wins and ‘loadsamoney’, Blood Brother looks at the sinister side of immediate excess. The vulgarity and overindulgence that comes with a huge windfall, blowing it all on monogrammed swimming pools, souped-up custom motorbikes, and a helipad. 

Blood brother AW18

Taking inspiration from a lifestyle of excess, the collection references 80’s ski wear, exotic animals and the ultimate ‘new money’ style icons – the gangsters. Diamond quilted puffas and ski suits in Rolex, green and metallic gold gives a nod to luxury Chesterfield sofas, whilst oversized ski salopettes and chalet knits in chenille wool complete the apres-ski look. The theme of garish luxury is realised in clashing animal faux furs and snakeskin prints that are in perfect contrast to the menacing simplicity of the leather ‘gangster fit’ coats. Repeat print Swarovski crystal embellishment across crisp white denim and luxurious tracksuits reflect the outlook of those with a penchant for life in the fast lane. 

The collection also features a new hybrid silhouette for the season, a technical merge of the classic Blood Brother tracksuit, with tailoring details including bungee cords and a zippable lapel for a sartorial streetwear aesthetic.

blood brother AW18
blood brother AW18

Blood Brother continued their line of accessories as well, updating the popular crossbody bag with drawstring pouch detailing and adding larger sizes of ‘stash-cash’ kit bags. Scarves, hats, and socks are all reimagined for the season in sulphur yellows and knitted golds.

They also partnered with Cutler & Gross again. A selection of glasses have been chosen from the archive collection with a focus on vintage frames in translucent and coloured lenses for a retro feel.

Finally, the designers have worked exclusively alongside luxury international shoe brand Jimmy Choo for their collection, featuring four styles including fur-lined slip-ons and military-style boots in black patent leather in addition to soft leather trainers in fresh whites, deep burgundy and black.

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Creative Director/Co-Founder: Nicholas Biela

Brand Director/Co-Founder: James Waller

Designer: Penelope Tucker
Print Designer: Jack Sharples

Stylist: Carlotta Constant
Stylist Assistant: Harry Clements
Set Design: Thomas Bird

Photographers: Daniel Bruno Grandi @Theurbanspotter / Mohamed Abdulle / Thai Hibbert

Videographer: Layo Mussi

Casting: Carl Marshall @CMPR
PR: Carl Marshall PR
Hair: Jan Pryzemk of AOFMPro
Makeup: Michelle Webb of AOFMPro

Sunglasses: Cutler & Gross
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Invite: Jack Sharples
Music Production: Aymen

Music Curation: Reece Crisp

Models: Harry @D1 / Emin @Established / Piers, Yannick, Thom, Stanley @IMG / Luca @Lenis / George, James @Models 1 / Dragon @Named / Jack @Nevs / Phillip, Mateo, Wonil @Next / Kit, Zsombor @Premier / Gong, Harry T, Mark L, Emmannuel, Oliver @PRM / Finn, Sam @Select / Hector, King @Storm 

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