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Every now and again I will be bringing you a short E.P. review of varying sounds from across the spectrum of 140bpm. These might be artists that have already solidified themselves deeply in the scene, or newcomers emerging from the depths. My aim is to push the sound of 140bpm and showcase how it can be bended and experimented with.



Making a triumphant return to his Southpoint family, Jakebob delivers a 6-track EP that showcases his many talents as a producer. It being nearly a year since his first official appearance on the label, its seems the right time for him to be putting out a solid body of work, encompassing all the varying styles that this young but incredibly talented producer has.



1. Jakebob - Champion:

Jakebob starts the EP off in a creepy, chilling manner. Champion is a very atmospheric track. Jakebob has created a very pre-longed intro, drawing the listener deeper into the track itself. The drop is subtle, but very haunting, high-end synths, and chopped, skippy drum loops are the main attraction within this track.  

2. JakebobWolf Whistle:

This one is an absolute percy, and is easily my favourite track from the entire EP. The track starts in a kind of dream-like state, edging you nearer to the drop, then just before, everything slows down and it drops with such beauty and elegance. The flute, or whistle, or whatever sound he's used works so well partnered with the vocals. Huge riddim from Jakebob.

3. Jakebob & Lingerz - Dusties:

Switching it up on this one, Jakebob collaborates with his long time friend and producer 'Lingerz' to deliver something a little different. A funky, two-step banger that would go off in any club/rave. With a low sub bass running along side the incredibly up-beat drum loop, they've definitely created something that will make everyone dance.

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4. Jakebob & Drax - Surai:

This one is engulfed in so many textures and sounds, there's Eastern influences in there, alongside dark UK grime synths that protrude from the darkness. I can almost hear Japanese strings swirling around in there as well. A much calmer tune than 'Dusties,' making the listener slow down and take the time to really listen to the sounds within the track. A wicked collaboration from these 2 and I hope the first of many.

5. Jakebob - Rago (feat Razor):

Another serious link up on this track, the instrumental is very minimalistic, showcasing Jakebobs signature sound with his mutated synths and skippy drum loops, perfect for emcees to vocal. This track showcases Jakebobs talents as an emcee as well as a producer, combine all this with Razor's emphatic and militant rap style you just know your on to a winner. 

6. JakebobChampion (Albzzy Remix):

Albzzy smashes it with his remix of Champion, completely switching the original up and making the sub-bass the key thing within the track, he's brought a hard hitting, steppa's drum beat to the forefront alongside the sub bass, and put the synths into the background, its worked perfectly. Very well executed remix.


Another huge release from the mighty Southpoint

I've spoken before about the way this label are moving. Organic relationships with artists, covering a wide range of genres not just grime. They are always trying to unearth new, hidden talent within the scene which is one of the reasons why I really respect them. Look out for more explosive releases this year from the Southpoint gang.



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